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October 20, 2011

No balls for Dez in the second half? That's life in the NFL, receivers coach says

Receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said if Dez Bryant isn’t getting much action in the second half, it’s not surprising in the NFL.

“I don’t think there’s any conspiracy going on, first of all, that we haven’t gotten him the ball as much as we’d like to or he’d like for us to,” Robinson said Thursday. “But this is the way it is in the National Football League, quite honestly. Some weeks you get it a lot. Some weeks not as much. Sometimes it comes early. Sometimes it comes late. It doesn’t always come steady throughout the whole game. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all. And if you’re a receiver in the National Football League, you realize sometimes it rains, and sometimes it pours, and sometimes there’s a drought. It’s just the way it goes.”

Bryant caught four passes in the first half last week against New England but none in the second half. It was the third time in the four games Bryant has played this year that he hasn’t caught a pass in the second half.

Robinson said the Patriots didn’t try to double-team Bryant.

“I think teams do what they do most of the time,” he said. “If it happens that their coverage doubles him sometimes, then I don’t really honestly see an awful lot where they’re trying to do something to Dez and not to someone else. I think we have too many weapons for them to try to do that. Some teams will try to double two guys. They can’t double everybody.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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