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October 27, 2011

Now starring as Michael Vick... Dez Bryant

The Cowboys have only one player who can provide their defense with a good impersonation of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. So Dez Bryant is getting some work on the scout team this week.

"He gave us a good look," outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "He was fast. I was in front of him, and I made the tackle."

Bryant is left-handed, like Vick. He is fast, like Vick. He can throw the ball a mile, like Vick.

"He can throw the ball 60 yards, and it looks like it’s on a frozen rope like Vick’s is too, with that lefty spin," Cowboys inside linebacker Sean Lee said. "...[Bryant's imitation] was dead on. The way he runs. The way he moves. Their play-making ability."

Vick has more rushing yards than any of the Cowboys' running backs. He is 21st in the league in rushing with 372 yards on 45 carries.

"There’s nobody who runs like him," Lee said. "He’s honestly one of the best quarterbacks, but also one of the best running backs in the league with how he moves and how fast he is and especially when things break down. It’s like a punt return every time with the way he’s able to shake people. We had Dez at practice to show us some of those looks with what it’s like with a guy with that agility."

-- Charean Williams





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It won't matter. Vick is faster and more agile than Dez. I would be surprised of Dallas kept the Eagles under 30

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