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October 12, 2011

"Psyched" and "confident" Cowboys plan to throw "the kitchen sink" at the Patriots

By Clarence E. Hill Jr.
Irving _ To put it mildly, the Cowboys (2-2) are "psyched" to face the New England Patriots (4-1) on Sunday and plan to throw everything including the "kitchen sink" at quarterback Tom Brady.
The Cowboys see this as an opportunity to gain some momentum following the bye and make a statement against one of the league's elite teams.
"A win would be big," safety Abe Elam said. "They have been playing well. We have been trying to improve. It will put us where we want to be.'
Said linebacker DeMarcus Ware: "Because of last year people wonder if we are a fluke team and if we can get the job done. We have been trying to prove peopel wrong and get that credibility back. This is a game you can get it back quick."
The Cowboys are feeling good about their chances because of the presence of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan who was the last man to shut down Brady and the potent Patriots attack. It was last season when Ryan the coordinator in Cleveland when his defense stopped New England cold in a 34-14 victory. 
New England has scored at least 30 points in the 13 games since but the Cowboys are feeling good that similar game plan, combined with better players will be the Patriots' Kryptonite again.
Ryan is certainly walking around the team's Valley Ranch headquarters confident and fired up. He passed by a few reporters today and said jokingly, "Get those cameras out of my face." 
"He's psyched,'' safety Abe Elam said. "I know I am as well. I look forward to the challenge.
"Coming in, everyone is building them up to be the greatest team out there. As a competitor, that is what you look forward to.'
"We didn't have a DeMarcus Ware and we didn't have a Terence Newman (in Cleveland).Those guys stand out.
Elam should know considering he was in Cleveland with Ryan last year, as was defensive end Kenyon Coleman.
The Cowboys will almost certainly change some things up but the premise will be the same, disrupt Brady will with different looks and different coverages and put pressure in his face. 
"Against Brady, you have to keep his mind going all the way down to down to when the clock strikes zero," Ware said. "That's what we're going to try to do. They moved around a lot. They weren't just sitting ducks and let Brady sit back there and pick them off the whole time."
Said Coleman: "We had them out there thinking. We brought our 'A' game."
Coleman said Ryan plans to bring that and more on Sunday, considering the upgrade in talent on the Cowboys.
"Pretty much the kitchen sink, to put it lightly," Coleman said of the Cowboys game plan.


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Patriots will bring those cow lovin' hicks back down to earth!

The Cowboys, in order to be a playoff or super bowl team, need to be able to come penalties (including mental penalties, like false starts) and turnovers. Great teams overcome penalties and turnovers and win anyway. The defense comes out and stops the other team from stealing a win, like they did in the skins game. Penalties and turnovers have hurt the team more lately than a team just flat out beating them.

Well then the 'Boyz better be ready to pounce on those dastardly Cannonball-brained Patsies. Welker is a smart player. If the 'Boyz D gets stupid and some of 'em forget their assignments or space-out or don't fly around out there, Welker and Brady will just play "keep-away" and "pitch-and-catch" all day long. Hit Welker at the line and disrupt the little guy. Then, blitz the crap out of Brady. With DWare and Spencer already pinning their ears back, blitzing will put too much pressure on the Patsies all at once. General Lee will get an interception or two as Brady will then check down to his tight end safety valve. Be ready General Lee, the balls coming your way! I expect all the 'Boyz on D to have an incredible game!!!

I also expect to the 'Boyz O to light up the Patsies D. Romo should be throwing better, and Austin will be playin' angry. An angry Austin is a very scary thing for an NFL defense. Dez will be angry. An angry Dez is a very scary thing for an NFl defense too!! Witten will be angry. An angry Witten is a very scary thing for an NFL defense. Especially a defense that can be burned and pounded like this Patsie D can be.

GO 'BOYZ! Beat the Patsies!

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