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October 31, 2011

Rob Ryan not the only one to blame

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan shouldered the blame for the Cowboys’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. But the Cowboys said Monday they all share responsibility for the 34-7 loss.

“Rob felt the way all of us felt,” Cowboys safety Abe Elam said. “We didn’t want to lose that game. It was a divisional game, a game we wanted to win. To lose to them the way we did, it was painful.

“Everybody in that locker room felt we let each other down. It was a big game we wanted to come away with a victory, and we didn’t.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he wouldn't have expected Ryan to say anything else after the loss. It was the stand-up thing to do, Garrett said. 

"I think one of the things we talk about as an organization is having the right kind of people in your organization, as coaches and players and everybody involved with our football operation," Garrett said. "When you lose a game, I think there are two ways to go. You can say that it’s somebody else’s fault, or you take  responsibility/accountability for what your job is within that ball game. I think we have a lot of guys who want to take responsibility and be accountable for what they did or didn’t do in the game. Rob is certainly one of them. I think we have a number of players who have the same approach, a number of really good players have said the same kind of thing to me today, and I certainly feel that way as a coach. I think everybody on our coaching staff feels that way and I think all of our players feel that way, that we need to do our jobs better to help us not have games like that."

-- Charean Williams


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Roger Staubach was a 10th round pick.

JaMarcus Russel and Alex Smith were first overall picks.

Ryan Leaf, JP Lossman, Matt Leinert, and Akili Smith were all top 10 picks.

Tom Brady was a sixth round pick.

You are guaranteed nothing in first round.

Everyone on this team from Jerry Jones to Martellus Bennett share the blame to one degree or another.

Rob should not shoulder all the blame. If they had an offense that could sustain a drive and take the pressure off the defense than this shouldn't be a problem. But our QB is continuously throwing off his back foot and throwing behind runners. He is not seeing the whole field or delivering the ball to the open man. Play calling and QB play are the problems. Defense has played all year, when will the offense. Offense has been inconsistent all year, especially at QB. It is time to move on. Our Super Bowl QB's have been first round and/or first overall picks. We need a first round pick. I think the rest of the talent is there.

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