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October 31, 2011

Romo doesn't have much to say afterward

Tony Romo didn't have much to say after the game, and really, what could he say? The Cowboys had the ball for only 18 plays in the first half. They had four first downs and 94 yards in the first 30 minutes. They trailed 24-0 at the half.

Romo had completed only 8 of 16 passes for 62 yards and an interception for a 33.9 rating before a 70-yard touchdown to Laurent Robinson with 12:44 left in the game. The Cowboys quarterback finished 18-of-35 for 203 yards with one touchdown, an interception and a 66.7 passer rating.

"We're going to watch this tape and figure out a way to get better," Romo said. "You're always disappointed when you lose, and obviously when you lose like we did today, we have to figure out a way to go watch the tape 50 times and we have to improve. We have to get better. We have to execute better."

The Cowboys’ big-play receivers, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, weren’t even targeted in the first half. Bryant and Austin finished with a combined six catches and 55 yards.

"It's just tough to get the ball down the field," Romo said. "You know, there were times when we stalled a couple  of times. We had more chances down the field as the game wore on for longer drives and stuff, and we didn't do that as well as we needed to."

Laurent Robinson was Romo's favorite target Sunday with five catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. Tight end Jason Witten, who entered the game with 91 catches for 1,053 yards and seven scores in 16 career games against the Eagles, had four receptions for 28 yards.

-- Charean Williams


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Scokar, "a fan is a fan" pays your paycheck. So shut the heck up! And get after your man on the other team! Please?!

first of all romo was a undrafted free agent who was taught 2 playing the qb position by david lee who was on bill parcells coaching staff, remember when parcells stated don't bring out the annoating oil yet on romo. parcells knows the tendecies of romo, but jerry felt that romo could be the missing link after the so-call qb experiment after not drafting a top flight qb to groom under aikman who had to retire b cause of numerous concussions which brought about the cunningham, carter, stoner, leaf, huntchinson, henson, testerverde,bledsoe. After 3 yrs of being groomed by parcells staff, jerry thought he finally got a preminum qb by the cheap and signed to a 7 yr contract which has tied jerry to the point that he can't draft a top flight qb because he is hog tied by romo's contract, the only way jerry will draft a premium contract is by force, losing games. rick gosselin has already said that jerry is not going to address the qb position in the next draft, that jerry is going 2 build the team around romo whether we the fans like it or not. so i can't understand the discussion on romo when it's cut and dried by jerry who owns the team.

How many of the writers and posters have actually played a game in the NFL? Armchair quarterbacks are probably alot more dangerous to the Cowboys than any one player who is actually on the roster and out on the field. A fan is a fan, win or lose.

Maybe you need to watch the tapes 51 times.

Tony Romo continues to be afraid to throw the ball down the field. I've said this about him for the last three, four years. Garrett and Romo refused to challenge the Eagles top two corners last night. Our two best receivers..Dez and Austin..had no pass attempts to either one of them in the first half. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Who's fault is that?? Garrett calls the plays, but iut's on Tony Romo to get our playmakers the ball. As I've stated countless times before...Tony Romo WILL NOT challenge teams with passes over 15 yards. He prefers the ten yard and under passes with the majority targeting Jason Witten. And you guys and gals still want this guy running this offense. The 2012 draft can't get here fast enough. Jerry has got to get us a quarterback with more guts to stretch the field. We have the receivers who can go get the ball...Dez AND Austin!!

Romo needs to get tough, not in terms of his play. He needs to call out his offensive line, his receivers and his running backs. He is too nice. He needs to stop taking all the blame for the woes of the Cowboys

Martellus Bennett should never see the field again. He is the biggest underachieving retard receiver Ive ever seen. I feel for Romo. Line cant block, receivers cant get open. He had to run for his life for 2 first downs. Its ugly.

What do you expect Romo to say - My line can't block, our game plan sucks, my receivers turn completions into interceptions if they do actually run the right route, and ,by the way - our defense can't tackle anyone?

"It's just tough to get the ball down the field,"

Down the field? Are you kidding me?

How about running slants and crossing patterns and some quick outs with your RAC WRs????

I've never seen such a poor game plan on offense and it shows.

We have two of the best WRs in the league and the only thing this team seems to know how to do is try to throw it deep to them.

Meanwhile the Eagle's WRs are running 5 yard slants and going 10-15 yards afterwards.

Garrett needs to go.

One thing I forgot to say about Brookings--he's one of the main reasons Lee has been playing so well (his great natural talent notwithstanding). Brookings has been teaching Lee alot of his LB tricks, tips, and shortcuts to LB greatness, and Lee is blossoming because of it right before our eyes. Keep Brookings as a coach. If you don't, some other NFL team will. I guarantee it, and if Brookings does go coach with another team it will be another in a long line of blunders by you-know-who....

News Flash: You don't have to "watch the tape 50 times" to know what happened. The NFL has become a league of lazy millionaires who don't like being away from their big fine cars, big mansions, and fine women. They don't like going to cold smelly sewers like Philadelphia and playing a peasant's game called football in front of drunken, mean, nasty neanderthals.

How else do you explain how sometimes a team like the 'Boyz look like world-beaters (against 49ers, Skins, and Rams), and then look like a discombobulated, disorganized mess that doesn't care like the 'Boyz looked tonight against the dirty rotten beagles? Are the beagles that much more talented that the 'Boyz? I don't think so.

So what else could explain tonight's 'Boyz performance against a team they should hate? I saw our players helping beagle players up at the end of plays. I saw our players patting beagles players on the helmet even after just getting hammered by those same beagles players. I got news for you friendly 'Boyz players, those beagle players (and other upcoming foe pukes) are gonna get you sent to the unemployment lines.

If you just don't care anymore, I wonder who the hell is yanking your chains? It's not us 'Boyz fans. It's not your coaches (I hope). Is there a certain goofball at the top of your food chain pestering you and meddling in your coaches affairs? It's got to be one of the above.

Oh, and some fans on the radio after tonight's obliteration at the hands of another puke green team (why are there so many puke green teams in the NFL?!! Yuck!) are calling for Brookings' and James' heads. They are too old, too slow, and can't cover TEs anymore. Not like that youngster Lee can. Well, I say to you fans, don't get rid of Brookings completely. I'd slip him into the 'Boyz organization as an assistant linebackers coach. He's football smart and knows how to lead players and coach 'em up. James does too, but, he's not as seasoned as Brookings is, nor as ready to coach.

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