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October 04, 2011

Sack bothers rookie Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith has had a good season, and he had a good day against the Lions. But he was upset by the sack he allowed to Lions defensive end Willie Young, who got Smith off balance and then got to Tony Romo with 35 seconds remaining after Smith fell onto his back.

“It was just bad technique,” Smith said.

It was the first full sack Smith has allowed this season. He has been called for two false starts and given up 1.5 sacks, according to STATS, Inc.

“He wants to be perfect in what he does,” Houck said. “He never shies away from work. He’s a really good practice player. He’s a heck of a guy who listens. We’re really pleased with him. And he’s playing well. He gave up a sack last week that he’s very upset about it. But you learn. Larry Allen had some sacks early in his career as well.”

Smith made all 24 of his starts at USC at right tackle, but Houck said Smith has the ability to play left tackle against the league’s pass rushers. Smith and Doug Free could one day switch sides since Free has the ability to play either side as well.

“He can play any position. He could play any position,” Houck said of Smith. “In the future, we might do that. In the future. Right now we’re pretty set on what we’re doing.”

-- Charean Williams


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I like his attitude

Iz I the only Person in the entire universe able to discern or detect or read in advance of the play unfolding on many (not all but many) of those occasions when Romo has signaled to this or that receiver to expect the ball?

One of two things appear applicable here:

1) The target receiver is not doing a good job of playing dumb (so if I iz smart enuf to detect what happens if there's someone else out there in the trenches as equally smart)OR

2) At 67 year of age I have evolved into a genuine psychic (about to commence advertising my services to the highest bidder)!

If it bothers him so much, maybe he'll donate his game check to charity.

Oh, you mean it doesn't bother him THAT much?

Can he help create a running lanes up the middle? Oh wait, that's right, we don't have anybody who can run between the tackles. Well ,actually we do, but we don't use him. Never mind.

Don't worry dude, you've done a fantastic job, now if you could just train Free how to do it

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