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October 23, 2011

Tashard Choice hurts shoulder, fumbles as backup runs for 253

Running back Tashard Choice picked a bad time for a bad game.

He suffered a shoulder injury. He fumbled. And his backup had a record-setting day.

“The shoulder came out. Can’t do nothing about it,” he said. “I wish I could have held on to the ball. Lost the ball. It was my fault. No excuses. That’s two weeks in a row I put the ball on the ground. I shouldn’t have.”

Choice started ahead of rookie DeMarco Murray but got only two carries for eight yards. Murray wound up with a Cowboys-record 253 yards on 25 carries.

“He had an awesome game,” Choice said of Murray. “Broke the record. I’m proud of him more than anything.”

Choice said he’s got to remain a team player and look forward to a better game next week.

“Always. That’s what I’ve got to do,” he said.

-- Carlos Mendez

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The TURK wants CHoice's playbook

We do not NEED CHOICE STOPPING PROGRESS for Tanner or Murray

Tanner and Murray need all of the TOUCHES we can give them

Tashard I've been rooting for you since day one. Now I'm sad to say I think DeMarco has kicked you to the curb and Tanner looks to be a solid #2 guy. If I was you I'd ask JJ to be traded to a team where you might be able to start. Sorry dude.

Glad to read that Tashard is a team player because he may be watching from the sidelines for most of the remaining season.

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