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October 13, 2011

Tony Romo promises Super Bowl win, at some point

What started as a simple question regarding recent criticism from Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders _  who said he was off the Tony Romo bandwagon after the three-interception meltdown against the Lion _  ended with the maligned Cowboys quarterback promising a Super Bowl win before his career was over.

"Every once in a while you definitely hear things," Romo said. "That’s not something you search out. Deion is welcomed to his own opinion about stuff. Deion is Deion. He is what he is. We’re going to go out here and we’re going to play good football. This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point. It’s going to be exciting when that time comes. And when we look back, we’ll know who was on what side of the fence during those tough moments. That’s exciting for us as competitors knowing that we get a chance to go out there and have a chance to win."

Here is what Sanders said last Friday on the ESPN Radio 103.3 FM in Dallas:

"Tony Romo will go down in history as being one of the best statistical quarterbacks to play this game. He will because next Tony Romo may put 400 yards, the week after that another 400, the week after than 300, maybe 200, maybe balance it out with the running game.

"But there's going to come a time when we are sitting in front of that TV at crunch time and every Cowboys fan is going to say 'please don't, please don't, please don't.' Now why do we feel that way?

"Now think about it. Do we have that feeling when [Tom] Brady's driving? Do we have that feeling when Drew Brees is driving? Even Aaron Rodgers, young Aaron Rodgers, do we have that feeling?"

"OK, how about Phillip Rivers? Do we have that feeling like 'Phillip, Phillip, c'mon Phillip, don't stink it up, don't stink it up.' No, we don't have that feeling in December or January with Phillip. Even though they haven't won the big one, we don't have that feeling with him.

"Do we have that feeling with Matt Ryan? No. We're saying 'C'mon, if you can hold on, block, you can block, he won't stink it up, he won't stink it up.'

"This is a guy [Romo] that we have that feeling about. And why do we have that feeling is because we've seen it. We've seen it before, countless numbers of times.

"Can he step out of it? I pray so. Just like all the other teams I played for, I would love for them to win because I have a wonderful relationship with the staff as well as ownership. On all the teams I played for."

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My brother is a steelers fan and I do remember him saying c'mon ben don't do something stupid take care of the ball. So I don't buy it. I think that they all had problems and the samething was said about all of them. Until he wins the big one he will be a failure. With that being said all the other guys had running games. The cowboys can't seem to run the ball to save there lives, but they are getting better upfront and when they start to run a=on all 8 cylinders they will win a superbowl. I think they can even do it this year. The front line gets better every game and this week could be the breakout game for the running game, if it is things are looking up for the cowboys.

I lost all respect for meon when he punked out against moss in 98...... turf toe ? Are u kidding me

I lost all respect for meon when he punked out against moss in 98...... turf toe ? Are u kidding me

I lost all respect for meon when he punked out against moss in 98...... turf toe ? Are u kidding me

Yeah,Sanders has a GREAT relationship with ALL the team's he played for; the loyalty of an alleycat. I DO wish he would grab up his good buddy Joey T.; get HIM fitted for a Tinker Bell outfit too and then they could shill things TOGETHER. It would leave him LESS time to BE an alleycat! And, Joey T. less time to be his normal Deadskin SELF! Oh, and tell us Deion; if your "relationships" ARE so good; why then did you IGNORE everything said by Jerry Jones AFTER that SAME GAME?

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