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November 24, 2011

Cowboys 'too loose' in pass coverage last week, aim to tighten up against Dolphins

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said the Cowboys played too loose in coverage last week against Washington. They want to be more physical Thursday against the Dolphins and receiver Brandon Marshall.

“He’s a big physical guy. He wants contact, and we need to give him contact,” Ryan said. “We were much too loose last week, and we need to tighten up our coverage.”

Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman threw for 289 yards against the Cowboys on Sunday, the second-highest total they have given up this year.

“Grossman got hot like he does, but we did help the situation,” Ryan said. “We were beaten in double coverage many times, and when you’re doubling somebody, they’re not supposed to catch it. We can’t have that. You have to challenge receives, which hasn’t been a problem at all for our guys, but I think they were getting in formations where we were backing off them and we gave them too much ground.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Ball hurt the Cowboys today....and that penalty against Elam really hurt, but the Dolphin defense has picked it up the last couple of weeks and is considered a good defense.
Credit to Romo, Murray on the last drive and especially to Dez Bryant on the punt return....that set the tone and definitely helped with field position. Old AOU or however one spells his name - someone must have a lot of something invested in him, because he would by my first candidate to cut if a roster spot had to be opened. A win is a win..it was a close game, but the Cowboys pulled it out!!

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