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November 18, 2011

FB Tony Fiammetta has been ruled out Sunday's game against the Redskins

Fullback Tony Fiammetta has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Redskins with an unknown illness.

This is a blow to the Cowboys running game considering how important Fiammetta has been to the success of rookie running back DeMarco Murray.

Many of Murray's record-setting yards the past four games have come with Fiammetta leading the way from the fullback position.

The Cowboys will likely use backup tight end John Phillips at fullback at times against the Redskins. They are also considering signing fullback Shaun Chapas from the practice squad.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.




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@David: Marty B as a blocker? LOL. One good block and he would sit out the rest of the season in a wheelchair. The boy has all the guts of a rabbit. Why JJ continues to keep 3rd rate players is beyond me. I mean just look at these wasted roster spots. Buehler? useless. Felix Jones? Next to useless. Marty B? again, useless. Kitna? too old. Dump 'em all. But I digress. Since when does JJ do anything to better this team and make it a REAL super bowl contender?

let tanner play fullback. he has shown he is not afraid to hit people. look at his special team play .he has been known to pancake he opponent

I agree with David! Marty B. is roughly USELESS as a TE except in the "jumbo" set, so why not make use of the one thing he DOES do well?

Keep that passing game up,----then we will.run buck wild all over teams even (green bay )once we see them ,our players need to get tougher-----you didn't see ,micheal ,troy,emmitt sit out with minor injuries,they always played with injuries,--- tougher it out---if it wasn't serious,thats the only way the Dallas cowboys will win another Superbowl is by toughening up,like the boys in the 90's Now Coach Ryan Since you like to Run your Mouth,Read,this,it wins NFLChampionships !

Im starting to think,the NFL is fixed to with good players sitting out, whatever happened to Sucking it up when its a minor sickness--- and playing------ ,I see jerry Jones too JR,'s/my-- Advice about ,how the cowboys had success in the 90's by passing the football,inwhich that opens up the running,game !--- hey jerry Thanks for inviting JR of the old Dallas show Larry hagmen ,That was telling me ,that you got JR's/my message !

Since Martellus Bennet is better at blocking than at recieving why not use him at fullback to block for Murray?

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