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November 15, 2011

Felix Jones says he wants to get healthy first, then think about his role

Running back Felix Jones said he’s thinking more about his health than the role he’ll have once he gets back on the field for the Cowboys.

“Really, it’s just about me getting back on the field,” he said Tuesday at the Salvation Army’s Collins Social Services Center in Dallas. “That’s the first thing. Once that happens, we’ll start talking about what’s going on on the field. Right now I’m just worried about my health, getting out there on the field.”

Jones and 11 other Cowboys players served Thanksgiving dinners to the clients at the homeless shelter. Jones said the day made him grateful for his blessings, and he said a lot of people asked him when he was going to play again.

He said he told them: “I’m going to let my body keep healing and get to the point where I can feel like I’m comfortable to be out there. ... Telling them, ‘Just look forward to me being out there very soon. And tune in.’ ”

Jones said once he does return, he doesn’t want to play worried about the ankle.

“I don’t want to be out there on the football field looking hurt, feeling hurt, not contributing,” he said. “I definitely want to have everything in top-notch shape so I can go out there and perform at a high level.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Felix is injury prone pure and simple. Its something he cant help its just his physical makeup.

@ DW - maybe, an ingrown toenail or bad manicure stops a soft egg like you, but I'm sure that the average NFL player plays through that.
An injury is an injury and some injuries can be played through, while others, if played through would only injure the player more - even a Dim Wit can see that.

I think Murray will help keep Felix healthy. Maybe he won't go on the disabled list for an ingrown toenail or a bad manicure.

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