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November 16, 2011

Felix practices; Holland isn't there

Cowboys left guard Montrae Holland (illness) is not on the practice field for the start of Wednesday's practice. However, running back Felix Jones (ankle) has returned after missing four games.

Linebacker Sean Lee was wearing a less obtrusive cast on his dislocated left wrist. He does have use of his fingers with this cast, something he didn't have Sunday.

Receiver Miles Austin (hamstring) and cornerback Mike Jenkins (hamstring) missed practice but are on the field rehabbing. Right guard Kyle Kosier (foot) participated in the walk-through before going into the locker room. That has been his normal Wednesday routine since injuring his foot. He has not missed a game with the injury.

-- Charean Williams


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Yeah it's the fact that he's happy with his contract! Idiot! Just because you would act this way, because your a looser, doesnt mean other would! Austin is not happy with not playing. Money talks but once that contract is done, you focus on football! Not playing when you can make your team better is like being punched in the gut every day you don't contribute! These are guys that love to play, not blow hards like you who would simply take the money and slack! Dumb A$$!

To the guy that posted such a stupid comment. Before the season started it was stated that there would be multiple soft tissue injuries throughout the season due to lack of off season workouts with NFL Trainors....dont you see how many players keep getting hurt this year... It's amazing how all you could think about was Austins contract ... Like its your money or sonething.. You dumb ass punk ... You need to be bent over no oil.. That might make you think before you speak from your butthole instead of using your pea brain you idiot

Merritt, youre a NEANDERTHAL.. For real what a DEEEEEECKHEAD

Miles received his big contract so he is happy. Just wait until his contract year then he'll be back making the great plays that got him the BIG $$$$$$$$$$.

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