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November 06, 2011

Garrett says DeMarco Murray a complete back but declines to name him the starter

Rookie running back DeMarco Murray has done wonders since filling in for the injured Felix Jones three games ago.

His 139 yards on Sunday was his second 100-yard game in three weeks.  He is the first Dallas Cowboy with multiple 100-yard rushing efforts in a single season since Julius Jones had three in 2004. He is also the eighth rookie to accomplish the feat.

"He's really done a lot for us," coach Jason Garrett said. "Any time you have a player like Felix Jones go down you're hopeful the next guy can step in and do the job," Garrett said. "We felt great about drafting DeMarco. We felt like he was a complete back and I think he's shown us in the last three weeks what kind of football player he is. One of the things showing up a lot is he is breaking tackles. I think he's making some people miss but I think he's also physical at the end of runs and making after contract which is really an important trait for a runner."

Considering Garrett's comments about Murray being a complete back, Jones' durability concerns and the fact that Murray now has as many 100-yard games Jones in his career, the bigger question is whether the rookie should be the starter when Jones returns from injury.

"We'll just continue to go and we'll try to evaluate the situation," Garrett said. "With Felix coming, when that happens, we're certainly to get all the bullets back in the gun as soon as we can. We will deal with the situation when Felix comes back. We'd like to get both of those guys touches. There's no question about it."

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If JG is 2 "STUPID" to name Murray the starter than he needs to see a shrink. DeMarco has proven he should be the starter. Once Felix gets back.I would have him return KO's and Punts. I would also use him as a 3rd down specialist. He has shown that he does not have the durability of being a every down back. This is unfortunate,but true.

Felix has the upper hand on Murray and is sure to continue being the starter for this one fact, he's a Razorback like JJ. Felix had shown brilliance when he was drafted by the Cowboys that impressed JJ. He loves Felix and has been trying to get him the starting roll since he arrived. But as we all know he can't stay healthy to save his life and Jerry can't see the writing on the wall and tends to stick with people too long (Roy Williams) who're not producing like they should. Don't blame JG, this is Jerry's call. Murray not doubt is the franchise back in Dallas. He's another Peterson in the making as he gains more experience. 253 yrds in a game you didn't even start just can not be overlooked!

OMFG, Garrett shows how foolish and blind he really is to still want Jones as a starter. Murray has shown he has the skill, talent, and heart for the starting job. Not to mention 3 times the average yards per carry than Jones.

Garrett, hire an offensive coordinator because clearly the job is too much for you!

I hope this lights a fire under Jones' behind!!!!!

I personally don't care whether a player is listed as the starter or backup...as long as the best player that is playing his best at that moment plays! Right now, that is Murray as Felix has shown this year that he does not continually break free....make Jones the complimentary back with 8-10 touches per game and have Murray carry the load, with Tanner backing him when Murray needs a break. Garrett-JUST find a way to use your players better!!!

All I know is...Murray is clearly AWESOME, the Cowboys won yesterday, Romo didn't make any moron-moves or horrible stress-induced mistakes/bad decisions, so for now ALL IS GOOD IN JERRYWORLD. Having said that...how refreshing would it be if we all KNEW Garrett had final say in EVERY decision made, from play-calling to personnel decisions? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Until then, we will continue to be confused and frustrated. But let's enjoy yesterday's win, and gear up for the next one!! Hell with Jerry, he has been robbing us of our joy for many years...since he let Jimmy leave (ran him off) and chose to never let another coach 'think for himself'. But he will NEVER take away my love for the COWBOYS!!! LET'S GO COWBOYS!!

I can coach better than Garrett!

I didn't understand how DeMarco Murray wasn't picked in the first round. I thought he was the best NFL ready back in the draft. Jason Garrett should be fired immediately if he starts Felix Jones when he returns.

Hawker you sure have a lot more faith in Garrett than I do. It might turn out you are right and I am wrong but from what I have seen especially in yesterday's game I feel I have real reason for concern about Garrett's play calling.
Murray eat them up all day and yet he wouldn't let him make the touchdowns down in the red zone. He proved himself all day breaking tackles changing course and everything you could want. If I was a betting person and I am not I would bet Murray given the chance would have scored two touchdowns instead of settling for field goals Besides for a change the line was blocking very well so I don't see any reason not to let him score the touchdowns.

Romo isnt a good end of game QB whn we have the lead. He's lead the cowboys to many comeback wins in the 4th so don't question him.

With a good RB in murray they have someone to go to to run the ball when we have the lead instead of having to rely on romo in clear running situations. A RB that can actually be a great runner will help romo so much. It will likely reduce his turnovers and increase all his stats. I feel like dallas finally has a true RB and not a reggie bush (felix jones)

Will Dallas evere get an NFL franchise to replace the one we lost when Jimmy Johnson retired?

This kid has all of our records at OU now and we have had one or two great running backs there. He was a steal for the Boys and they should let him play. I cannot believe Garrett's comments are anything other than loyalty to Felix. Surely he would not be silly enough to bench DeMarco.

Hawker 1, I had to respond to your post man. Jason Garrett is looking a lot like Wade Phillips right now so if you wanna talk about a "Coach's Pet," look at the Coach being the Pet. We have an owner that is good at ownership but sucks at being a GM. We have a head coach who is good at being a head coach but sucks at being an offensive coordinator just like Wade Phillips was good at being a defensive coordinator but sucked at being a head coach.

Therefore, don't talk to any of us about what "Coach Garrett feels is in the best interest of the team winning football games." We have a Undefeated Schedule but we're playing at 4-4 right now. Give me a break with that crap. Jason Garrett is on the hot seat and that fire should be turned up if we don't come out of this stretch with 4 Games in the left side of the record column.

This is an interesting article but I BELIEVE IN DEMARCO MURRAY! I agree that DeMarco should start and allow Felix Jones to prove himself from the #2 spot. Jones has been with us 4 years now and has yet to show "every down back" ability but most people would not find that to be a surprise because he shared carries in college.

What my team, in the Dallas Cowboys, needs is an "every down back." Our success has always come with an "every down back." Felix may come back rusty like Miles Austin did and rusty players is not what we need right now going into this stretch of the Bills, Redskins, Dolphins, and Cardinals. It's 4-0 or Bust in this quarter of the season. We need guys to step up in BIG ways.

It's a ridiculous comment to say that Garret does not trust Romo - otherwise he would not remain so pass-heavy even in obvious running situations when he has a running back that is dominating a game.
Of nine plays from inside the five yard line Garrett calls six pass plays. For those who are keeping score that was Romo throwing all of those passes. Trust between the offensive coordinator and the QB is not an issue. What is at issue is Garrett's inability to properly prepare his team and to be a productive play caller in the red-zone.

He should name him the starter until Felix Jones can prove he can stay healthy and produce like Murray. Simple. But Cowboy's coaches never make any sense. That is why they make horrible calls at the goal line and can't seem to call the right plays most of the game. Garrett is part of the problem in Dallas. With all the money the Cowboys have, why can't we get a decent head coach? I know, our owner can't completely control a great head coach, so he will never get one.

BENCH ROMO? Yeah right, that sounds like a bonehead move. For now, Murray IS the starter whether Garrett SAYS so in the press or not. Once Jones does come back, they can use him to give Murray a breather and to give defenses more than one RB to think about. I'd still like to see them use Tanner in an MBIII type of role, Mr. Shortyardage; so as to reduce the probability of an injury to one of the others.

All the stories are how he "has 2 100 yds games out of 3" He would have EASILY had 3 for 3 had he had more than 9 carries ( 74 yds) if we werent BLOWN OUT after the first 3 series in Philly. The kid is a STUD and can do it all and not looking fragile like Jones ALWAYS has.

Why bother naming him the starter if Felix isn't even healthy yet? Sure, Murray looks like the job should be his, but until Felix is healthy it does not matter who the No. 1 back is. Make that decision when you need to, not beforehand.

Bench Romo and forget about second guessing Garrett. Garrett doesn't trust Romo not to fall apart under pressure. And why should he Tony always does, He stops thinking, has no pocket presence awareness and he either throws a pick, throws away the teams chances or takes the sack instead of grounding it. Jason will always seems too!!! conservative of a coach when he is afraid of Tony screwing up!. Maybe John Kitna isn't the long term answer because of his age and maybe he doesn't have Tonys arm, but he throws within his limitations, thinks in the pocket, He will run it and is good at it, and he throws mistake free games, Also he will never have Tonys numbers at the end as he actually lets runners have the ball and keeps the opponent guessing about what the Boys will do next. Really the only thing you changed since the Mid Season success of last year is you took Kitna out of the Game..HEY look in the Mirror Jerry. I see Al Davis starring back at you..

This is starting to sound like Denver's Tebow situation. If you can't trust what the Head Coach does, why let him stay. Garrett is no fool. If he thinks Murray gives them the best options for winning he will be the starter. If he goes with Jones he will have a good reason. These posters who threaten with, "he better", probably have never set foot on an athletic field of any kind. Coach's pets don't exist after high school or the Coach will be a short timer. In successful programs it's after Jr. High. Best man starts.


Murray is definetly a beast and should be the starter. Felix hasn't had a 100 in a long time. Hope our coaches can see this is a true Cowboy starter and go with it. We need him just like we need our Number 6 ring!!!!

There's no question Murray is better than Felix at this point. The Cowboys better do the right thing.

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