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November 01, 2011

Jason Garrett not ready to give up on Martellus Bennett..not yet

The Cowboys released running back Tashard Choice after his production began to slip and after he fumbled in two straight games.

Certainly his injury had something to with it as coach Jason Garrett explained because the Cowboys needed the roster spot. But if the Cowboys valued Choice and weren't down on him they would have released someone else.

With that as the back drop, Garrett was asked on Monday when tight end Martellus Bennett was going to run out of chances after he dropped a pass against the Eagles that led to an interception.

Bennett has been a disappointingly unproductive since being drafted in the second round out of Texas A&M in 2008. Drops have been a big problem.

But Garrett is not ready to give up Bennett because the Cowboys don't feature him in the passing game and value his role as a run blocker.

"Well, Martellus is not a guy that you would say we feature in the offense," Garrett said. "There are certain things that we think he does well that we want to give him a chance to do during the ball game. Certainly, you have to take advantage of opportunities regardless of how many you get. You have to take advantage of them and execute your job within the particular play or scheme."

What's also true is that Bennett is in the last year of his contract and its unlikely he will be back in 2011. He is admittedly ready to move on and get a fresh start out of Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten's shadow. The Cowboys will probably let him have his way.

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Marty B is another sad example of Jerry Jones' talent evaluation skills. He traded Anthony Fasano (a second round pick) for Miami's fourth round pick and then drafted a TE (Marty) with a second round pick. For comparision (2008 to 2011),
Fasono stats - 114 Rec,1473 yards and 14 TDs
Bennett stats - 73 Rec, 743 yardss and 4 TDs

This sums up why Cowboys are in such a mess. With so many needs at other positions, why would you draft at best a project type player? There is no end to this misery as long Jerry is Cowboys GM.

Marty B GONE!!

Bennet should be a lot better then he is, and y'all are right when we saw him on hardknocks the handwriting was on the wall

Bennett hurt himself. When given opportunities he failed over and over. He was a immature goof when drafted, never worked hard and now that he wants to play he cant keep up.

Choice will come back to hunt the Cowboys, just you wait an see.

I remember from the Hard Knocks show watching Bennett acting as an uncoachable slug. Back then I had a strong feeling that this guy was gong to be a big bust. Sure enough, here we are ready to cut this loser. And yet, Garrett (and I'm sure he's acting on behalf of the other collosal loser, JJ) still doesn't want to admit this guy is worthless and needs to be cut yesterday.

second round pick on blocking Tight End typical Jerry... great drafting from worst GM in NFL

I'm a long time Cowboys fan (60's), but there is something wrong with this franchise as it has some serious issues when it can not win on a consistent basis season after season. I think that Garrett's hiring was a step in the right direction and so far, in my viewpoint has the benefit of the doubt, but only for one more offseason, draft and then a season. Right now, I have serious doubts about Garrett's play calling and game plans, plus I have doubts about the GM.

It was stupid to have drafted him in the first place and then not develop him better!! Choice and in the near future Bennett - any wonder that the Cowboys do not improve!

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