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November 01, 2011

Jerry Jones gets testy in defending Cowboys, reiterates he is not worried

It will take more than a 34-7 blowout to the Eagles to shake owner Jerry Jones’ confidence in the Cowboys.

He said wasn’t worried after the game and reiterated that point Tuesday on his radio show on KRLD-FM, even getting a little testy in doing so when asked repeatedly why he wasn’t concerned.

Jones snapped that he just spent 10 minutes explaining his position then offered, “I think we’ll go right back. We just have to do that. In my life, I’ve stuck my head in the sand and not recognized and dwelled on the situation, because if you do, you’ll become the situation. I just want us to move on past this one.” 

Jones is likely positive because of the Cowboys upcoming schedule that features four games against the Seahawks (2-5), Redskins (3-4), Dolphins (0-7) and Cardinals (1-6), in addition to next week's game against the Bills (5-2).

He said he is also confident because of the presence of quarterback Tony Romo.

 “In my perspective, when we have a quarterback that’s healthy -- Romo -- that can play at the level that I believe he can play at, then I don’t think you ought to lower your expectations,” Jones said when asked if fans should have championship expectations this season or understand that the Cowboys are in a rebuilding process. “I think you’ve got an opportunity to have a good team. Consequently, when I look at the makeup of our team, that’s why I don’t want to – and fans shouldn’t either – dwell on this game. 

“Philadelphia is a good team. They are a good team right now. It was maybe an aberration that they started off like they did. But good teams don’t always win the Super Bowl. That gives everyone else a chance, too. We caught them right. They played well. We didn’t play well at all. Let’s look and see what’s down the road for us.”

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Reading the DMN and FWST you'd think fans would be staying away by the thousands from the games and the merchandise. I know I stopped buying last year...but idiot fans haven't, obviously. Those who buy have nothing to complain about. When people finally realize they've bought an Edsel, meybe they'll save their money. Until then, jj is smiling putting out his inferior product for all to "consume".

For years I thought the Cowboys were snake bitten for some reason and would defend Jerry Jones. But when Romo dropped that hold in the playoff loss to Seattle in 2006, followed by the 13-3 Cabo Wabo collapse, followed by the inexplicable way he throws away games, followed by the sad thought of how we are wasting the best years of Demarcus Ware's career and the fact that Rob Ryan has his worst game as a Cowboy, and the great Bill Parcells has no success, and then the lunacy of hiring Wade Phuillips and the way the officials obviously hate the Cowboys for some reason, I have come to realize that only common denominator to all these things is Jerry Jones. Wake me up when he's gone.

Jerry won't worry until the cash stops filling his pockets. He doesn't care about anything else.

Yeah, what does Jerry have to worry about? As long as people are coming to the stadium & buying the teams merchandise making money he's a happy camper.

What else can Jones say he is stuck with his decisions he made this year. The anger he expressed is because he knows he made the decision and doesn't want to face the music for his bungling once again.



You make it entertaining and you even now manage to help keep it wise. I cant wait to go through additional from you.

There is no secret as to why this team has been mediocre for the past decade. Jerry refuse to accept the fact that this isn't the '93 team. Troy, Michael and Emmitt are long gone. This team will be 5-11 at the end of the season and nothing can stop that. There is no guarantee that they can even beat Seattle or Miami right now. Every game they go into is a flip of the coin.

This is where drama hits this team with media bs! Jerry has Rob to thank......the media will play with this forever!

Jerry Jones is so full of it!! Keep telling yourself Jerry...All is well....and watch this team sink to the bottom of the NFL in about ONE more season with Garrett and Romo leading this sinking ship!!

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