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November 21, 2011

Martellus Bennett finally has good day

Maligned Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett said every one was thinking after catching three passes for 31 yards.

It was a season high output for Bennett, one that he admittedly needed, considering his drops earlier in the season.

"I needed a game like that," Bennett said. "I get stuck in a role of block, block, block...I am thankful to make some plays when I got the opportunity. I know people don't think I have good hands," Bennett said. "But I have pretty good hands. These hands are great."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett commended Bennett for his play on Sunday. Jones hopes it’s the beginning of hot streak for his big tight end.

"I've told him he’s probably a big-time play away, a couple big-time plays with his confidence, of really taking some of the how he's viewed and turning that around,” Jones said. “And we know he blocks good."

Clarence Hill



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Not enough. Too little too late. Hope he does well enough to raise his stock then trade him for more O line help or secondary help.

Sad, he thinks a good day is three catches for 30 some yards!!! Whatever! Trade him for a G and move on! He can't even hustle off the field. Hate watching his slow trott everywhere he goes! He's a lazy player and we need to simply get rid of him! I'm tiered of waiting for him to get it together! Besides Phillips was outplaying him last year before he was hurt and missed the season. Now that he's back, show Bennett the door!

Hahaha good point Homer. Oh and Romos only int in the last 4 games came off of Bennetts "good hands".

Do you think the Boys would have still drafted him knowing that a long awaited "good day" would be 3 catches for 31 yards?

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