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November 22, 2011

Murray earns stripes as every down back in tough game against Redskins

Rookie running back sensation DeMarco Murray didn’t put up eye-popping numbers in the 27-24 overtime victory against the Redskins.

He rushed for just 73 yards on 25 carries in what he called the most physical game he’s been.

It was far cry from the record-setting 601 yards he put in the four previous games.

However Murray’s toughness in continuing to hit up in there strong the entire game was very impressive to the Cowboys.

“He is a tough guy,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He is a mature guy. He has played a lot of football at high level. It wasn’t like he was making all these big runs. He was made some tough hard runs that went for three and four yards. But they were difference making runs in the game. They set you up to be in second in five and second and five. He had some bigger runs at the end of the game where we were trying to bleed the clock. So he is a tough guy He is a mature guy. He has handled transition to the NFL very well.”

Murray simply continued to the show the rest of the NFL what the Cowboys thought before taking him in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft: that he was a complete running back and not just someone who was just good in space.

“We felt very good about him when we drafted him,” Garrett said. “His track record at Oklahoma speaks for itself. He was a very productive back in a lot of different ways, carrying the football, caught the ball out of the backfield, as a guy who scored touchdowns. He blocked. He did a lot of different things. You saw that Oklahoma. You are hopeful those guys can make the transition. I think we are beginning to see him be that complete back we saw in college.”

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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I honestly do believe we have our featured running back in DeMarco Murray. Garrett just has to get this guy about 20 carries and two or three passes per game and let him do his thing.

Man, it's pretty tough trying to make it through this guy's articles. A typo here and there every two or three articles is one thing but every single one of this guy's articles are riddled with issues.

Does anyone proof read the articles Mr. Hill writes? If they were they would notice a writer who has poor sentence structure. Get a clue star-telegram this guy is a joke.

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