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November 24, 2011

Rob Ryan on Dolphins' Brandon Marshall: 'He's fantastic'

An elite NFL receiver is in town. Rob Ryan knows what that means.

He’s going to be asked about it.

Which is dangerous territory for Ryan, who said before the Cowboys played the Lions that the Cowboys had two receivers better than Calvin Johnson, who then proceeded to put up two touchdowns in Detroit’s comeback victory.

So, about Brandon Marshall of the Dolphins ... ?

“That’s tough,” Ryan said. “Last time, I said it was tough covering that Megatron, but that seemed to get turned that I never thought he was any good. I thought he was great.”

Nevertheless, Ryan plunged ahead on Marshall, who he has seen plenty of times before.

“This guy’s fantastic, and he’s competitive,” Ryan said. “I like watching him play. I was in Oakland when he was in Denver, so I know a lot about him. I saw him really ascending. They had other players there when he just got there, and I told our guys I thought that kid was the best one they had. And he took off, and he’s been great ever since.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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