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November 21, 2011

Scandrick admits to having a bad day against Redskins

Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick had his first interception of the season on Sunday.

But he wasn’t in the celebrating mood after the Cowboys 27-24 victory against the Redskins because the secondary gave up too many plays to quarterback Rex Grossman who completed 25 of 28 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns.

Scandrick said he played a horrible game for giving up too many completions, being flagged twice for defensive holding, including once on the game-tying touchdown drive in the fourth quarter.
“I didn’t play my best game,” Scandrick said. “Quite frankly, I think I played bad. Made a big play, but a couple penalties, a couple penalties, a couple missed assignments, a couple misalignments and they’re right back in the game.” 

 Clarence Hill



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You are who do not believe in the Ryans are IDIOTS, they are very smart defense guys. When you dont have the talent to do certain things you try to make it up with schemes. Dallas starting linebacker corp stinks. Not Lee but James and Brooking (why would you have back up safeties playing linebacker?). The where good enough to hold the ship down until we get some talent at linebacker. Lee and Carter will make the defense what is should be and that is great. We also need someone else beside D-Ware to make sacks or to even put some pressure on the QB. If no one is putting pressure on the QB then he can wait all day for someone to come open. You go from 23 rank defense last year to the top 10 this year with the same player. That is not Ryan then who is Uncle Bob. Some so called fans need to wakeup and smell football. IDIOT

Sorry Frank, but I think both Ryans are just a fad. They're both undisciplined just like their dad, who punched a coach on the sidelines while in Houston. The guy he punched is coaching in New England now, I think. Buddy got alot of fame for his 86 defense in Chicago, gut did little else. The Ryan brothers will entertain with their mouths for a while, then fade away. Ryan was a good fit for Dallas after Wade, tho. I'll never forget the trick Buddy played on Landry when he had the game in hand in the final seconds. Classless....

Sorry, but Scandrick for the most part has always been a stand up guy who took blame when merited and was never afraid to tackle....although, that whiff of a tackle was really bad, but typically Scandrick plays more aggressively.
As to Campo being the secondary coach...maybe, he is also learning Ryan's defense....I just hope that next year Ryan is still with the Cowboys so that they can build upon this season, the offseason and camp.

What I don't understand is why Campo is the secondary coach. The responsibilities are different in the 3-4 defense and Campo obviously doesn't get the 3-4 so why is he here? And watching that pathetic whiff Scandrick made at a crucial point in the game, Campo isn't teaching fundamentals very well. And for the record, Ball actually had a much better overall game than Scandrick. Never thought I'd say it, but get well soon, Jenkins.

Scrandrick is worthless always has been. Why they would give him a contract is beyond me. He isn't smart enough to read a play that is why he is always out of position. One play it was 3rd and 7 the Wr runs 3 yards and out and Scrandrick jumps it and then Wr runs down sideline for a huge completion that led to a td. Know the down and distance!! Why u jumping a route when they need 7 yards? He never gets better. They just see where he lines up and that is where the ball is going

wow scandrick, that makes it all much better! of course, it's not your fault you were hyped up so much by JJ with underdeserved contract extension. but if it makes you feel any better, you're not as bad as ball!

Scandrick is absolutely horrendous. Any time a team needs a 3rd down completion, look who they throw at.

I'm glad Moose called him out during the game on that horrible tackle and effort. The Cowboys secondary does not know how to tackle correctly...never seen so many whiffs from just dropping your head and missing someone.

Moose said something to the effect of..."Kids, if you are learning to tackle, do everything opposite of what Scandrick just did"...or something to that magnitude.

Scandrick will cost us the playoffs or a game in the playoffs. He's just that bad.

I like the comments from Scandrick. He took responsibility for mishaps and down played interception. Stand up guy

So is he trying to tell us that this is somthing new? He played the season about this same why and he is just now admitting it. WOW.

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