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December 07, 2011

Bill Cowher says Cowboys showed 'defeatist attitude' in not trying to get closer for FG

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher said the Cowboys took a poor approach when they settled for a 49-yard field goal try to win the game against Arizona instead of trying to get closer.

"That sounds like a defeatist attitude to me,” Cowher said on Tim Ryan’s SiriusXM radio show this week.

The Cowboys had reached the 31-yard line on a catch by Dez Bryant with 26 seconds left and two timeouts and the game tied 13-13. Quarterback Tony Romo stopped the clock with seven seconds left by spiking the ball.

Dan Bailey missed from 49 yards, and the Cowboys lost in overtime. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he opted not try for a shorter kick because he didn’t want to risk a negative play and he was confident in Bailey from that distance.

“I was totally mystified,” Cowher said. “I heard the coach’s explanation afterwards, and listen, I know in the heat of battle we all make decisions, we all do things that, sometimes, it’s a very quick decision. I know that he had confidence in his kicker.”

But Cowher said at that point, the Cowboys had the advantage on offense.

“If I’m the defense, I’m kind of on my heels,” he said. “Do I put eight guys in the box and stop the run because I don’t want them to get closer? And if I do that, I’m one on one on the outside? Or do I sit there? To me, you’ve got the advantage on the offensive side of the ball because you still have a time out. You can go up there and throw the ball or run the ball with a ‘check-with-me.’ Let Tony Romo read the defense. Eight in the box – let me throw a quick hitch or a slant to Dez Bryant. And if it’s incomplete, I can still run the ball again.

“So I think in that situation you’ve got to have more confidence in your offense and not look at it as being, ‘Well, you can lose yardage.’ Yeah, but you can also gain yardage. And I think championship teams don’t think about what they don’t do. They think about what they can do.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Yeah, right, Cowher. That attitude got you ONE Super Bowl win in 15 years. I still don't know why anyone considers him a great coach. It took him 15 YEARS. He had good teams too, but could never get them the trophy with his "think about what we can do" cr ap for a decade and a half.

No coach will ever get 15 years to win a SB again. He lucked out.

And this isnt jusy anybody. We have heard critisim from a few former Superbowl WINNING coaches. Garrett blew it plain and simple.

BTW, get rid of that TNewman.

This dumb redhead coach should have called a time out at 26sec left and then made the decision, not just stopped it at 7sec. Dumb@ss coach.

Garrett's new at the head coaching biz, so we can cut him a little slack. He graduated from Princeton and Qbed in the NFL, so I know he's not an idiot. It's gonna take 2 yrs. The Boys are just not that talented right now. So stop hating, guys. Bill Cowher would never work for Jerry Jones, and we need Garrett to succeed cause the list of coaches who will work for Jones gets shorter every time he opens his mouth...

Well put from the guy who should be the Dallas Cowboys...next head coach!!!

We used to be proud of our triplets in Aikman, Smith and Irvin, now we have to deal with the embarrasement of our new triplets, JJ, JG, and TR!! Way to go guys!

Does it really matter what we think?? JG doesn't care about what people think more than JJ does. Neither can admit when they are wrong. The ignorance on JG's part to give the kind of stupid explanation he did, as if he knows better than all the other coaches around. Idiot! Thanks Cowher, for saying like it is. It's embarassing as a Cowboy's fan to have to be riduculed and laughed because of the ignorance of our owner and coach.

Cowher hit nail flush on the head. For Garrett to say he had enough confident in Baily to allow him to attempt a 49 yard field goal is also saying he did not have enough confidence in his QB and offense to trust them to run two more plays.

Bill Cowher...will you come and be our head coach??

I have to agree with Cowher on a lot of points, but specifically on "championship teams don’t think about what they don’t do. They think about what they can do.”

I sure hope Garrett picks up on this!

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