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December 09, 2011

Garrett can't be head coach and offensive coordinator? That makes Jerry Jones laugh

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it makes him want to laugh when he hears people wonder if Jason Garrett can handle being both head coach and offensive coordinator.

He has more than enough brainpower for that, Jones said Friday on his weekly radio show on The FAN 105.3 FM.

“I almost chuckle when I hear people say, ‘Well, can he handle all of that or did he get confused?’ Of all the people I know, the one that’s got the mental capability to handle a lot of things, it would be Jason. That’s his forte. And there’s no doubt in my mind, at any time during that ballgame, the process was alive and well and working.”

Garrett was criticized this week for not trying to get closer for a potential game-winning kick in the 19-13 overtime loss at Arizona. The Cowboys got the ball to the 31-yard line with 26 seconds left and two timeouts. But instead of stopping the clock immediately, the Cowboys went with a spike of the ball with seven seconds left.

Garrett later used a timeout with the play clock winding down on Dan Bailey’s 49-yard field goal attempt. The kick aborted by the timeout was good, and the do-over missed, sending the game to overtime.

So there was a question about whether Garrett or Romo lost track of the timeouts.

But Jones said he’s satisfied with the coaching decisions following his review of the game, although he was not asked if he agreed with Garrett that the Cowboys did not need to risk a negative play to try for a closer kick.

“I’m totally satisfied. I know the process,” Jones said. “I’ve spent a lot of time since that ballgame reviewing the process. I knew the process before we had an occasion to have this come up in Arizona. I’m fine with it.”

Jones said the final 26 seconds actually showed Garrett is capable of making quick decisions.

“Some of the very things he’s getting criticized about are evidence that he’s capable of doing what he’s doing and his willingness to do it,” Jones said. “He might hesitate to call a timeout like he did on the last timeout and then turn around and see that, well, we’ve let time run and don’t want to hurry, let’s call it. If you really look at that combination of decision, that really takes a certain awareness.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Sorry, no playoff for you JJ.

Jaharry is right because JG is not the HC, in the real World, Jaharry is the real HC. Jaharry is happy as long as Jaharry World seat far full, all parking spaces are filled and the sheep are buying his food,drinks and clothing that all that matters to him.

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