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December 12, 2011

Jason Garrett admits fault for bad decisions against Cardinals, albeit too late

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware acknowledged on the NBC pregame show that coach Jason Garrett apologized to the team during the week for his bad game management decisions at the end of the 20-19 overtime loss to the Cardinals.

Garrett refused to acknowledge second-guessing himself to the media for much of the week. 

But apparently, he allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of his team _ although doing it publicly as well as privately would go a longer way in terms of credibility.

"I think when we talked about that as a team what we try to do with our team is we try to process what happenned in the previous game," Garrett said after Sunday's loss in revisiting the situation. "We as coaches stand up and say, 'player we should have done this. Player, we should have done that. This was good. That wasn't good. This how we've got to get better.' Something we as coaches try to say is 'Hey we're a part of this, we make decision, we put game plans together. We call plays. We handle situaiotns. We're accountable to that as well.' Thats always been a point of emphasis for us."

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Who the hell are YOU to decide it was "too late"? He admitted it to the TEAM...the only ones that matter. You overvalue your importance!

He doesn't need to be credible to the public. He needs to be credible to his team.

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