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December 01, 2011

Jerry Jones gets his wish with Cowboys in the playoff hunt and without the bad "flu" of last season

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had one wish before the season and that was for his team to be in the playoff hunt come December.

Not only are the Cowboys in the hunt but they are atop the NFC East with a 7-4 record and control their own playoff destiny.

What excites Jones even more as they head into the final month of the season, starting Sunday against the Cardinals, is the Cowboys have a chance to get even better and are avoiding the "flu-like" symptoms that caused a shameful 6-10 season a year ago.

"I feel like we’re improving, and I can see that we’ve got the potential to be better than we’ve been," Jones said. "The kinds of mistakes we’ve made and the things that have been compromising us, I think you can clear those things up. I don’t think we have a bad case of that flu, which is the flu that we had last year which said when the ball is snapped, something bad’s going to happen.

"That’s been turned around. We’ve got the good condition of something good will happen. I think that as much as anything is what losing in the early part of the year did for our team as far as motivation is concerned. I think we are motivated."

"I saw a quote from one of our players today, might have been Bradie or somebody like that, that said, ‘We all know too well how you can get to thinking you’ve got something going here and mess up’," Jones continued.

"I think we’re fresh off of, haven’t gotten rid of the feeling we had last year. We don’t have that same type of mojo problem as you get into the game. We’ve actually built on that, to Jason’s credit and to the team’s credit. I think all those are positives to us, and I think we’re getting a little healthier. That can change in a quarter, but we’re getting healthier."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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