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December 30, 2011

Jerry on radio: Romo a top quarterback with 'a very good team around him'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the stage is set for the Cowboys to have a good game Sunday night against the New York Giants because Tony Romo is a top quarterback and he has a very good team around him.

Jones, speaking Friday morning on his weekly radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM, said Romo’s presence gives him confidence.

“It’s just a very big-time feel-good to know we’re going in with this kind of quarterback,” Jones said, asked to talk about Romo’s season. “He’s had an outstanding year. He’s a top, top quarterback. He’s got a good team around him, in my belief – a very good team around him. And so the stage is set for us to play well in a big game.”

Romo is expected to play Sunday night despite being limited in practice this week because of a bruised throwing hand. Jones said it helps that Romo will get a few extra hours of healing time for the hand because it is a night game.

Romo has not missed a game this season, despite a rib fracture and a punctured lung he suffered in Week 2 at San Francisco. He is 105 yards away from his third 4,000-yard season, and he has a 29-9 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

“We all know, really, he’s had an outstanding year, and it just would be really not a very good thing to not get in the playoffs with the kind of year we’re having with Romo and his health,” Jones said.

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jerry's stupidity is exactly why our season ends tomorrow in total defeat and embarrassment. Of course, JJ, the puppet and loud mouth Ryan will manufacture a ton of ridiculous excuses as to why we got beat 35 to 10 and the fans will eat it up and then cry until 9/2012. Then it starts all over again, more lies and excuses from JJ.

in jerry we trust, he is the owner and gm of the dallas cowboys, after 5 1/2 season of being spoon-feed romo friendly, what do you expect the biggest support of romo than the owner. this will be a defining moment 4 romo, with jerry @ the helm you can bet that jerry can manupilate the system because of his influence. the ref 4 this game wil b under extreme pressure 2 make calls that favor the cowboys more so than the giants, despite the fact it is a giants home game, jerry, robert kraft, the owner of the broncos and the owner of the panthers are very strong owners in the nfl an ususally get their way. That why i think the cowboys wil upset the giants on sunday nite, the game was moved 2 sunday nite for rating purposes and 2 give romo more time 2 heal 4 this big game. the cowboys r setting the giants up 2 fail. cowboys win cowboys 33 giants 24. jerry does not want romo 2 fail b cause it would put jerry in an uncomfortable position to draft a qb early. jerry would rather circumvent the system that why i truly believe that the football gods will find favor on the cowboys on sunday so that jerry can draft on the opposit side of the ball an not be under the pressure of drafting a qb 2 bring competition 2 his romo, cause he has invested so much into romo. jerry does not like 2 admit his failures especially 2 the public and cowboy fans.

'Romo is a top, top quarterback.'..Then how come he continues to flame out at season's end? Keep dreaming Jerry!!

Jerry Jones is delusional...Tony has had a great year. But the game is bigger than tony romo. Our line is below subpar. free has fallen off since getting a new contract. Our defense is just hype besides four solid players in ratliff, ware, lee, and jenkins. Other than that average or below average. oh and a defensive coordinator d.ass who blitzes when our secondary can't play man coverage..........Yeah u tell em jerry.

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