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December 20, 2011

Laurent Robinson says Romo seems to look to him first when he's scrambling

Laurent Robinson seems to have a knack for getting open in the end zone when quarterback Tony Romo scrambles.

And Romo seems to have a knack for seeing him.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Robinson said Tuesday at Valley Ranch. “It seems like we’re always on the same page. When he scrambles, it seems like he looks to me first. I’m just able to get free and get open in the end zone, and he makes a great play.”

Robinson has nine touchdown catches, and most of them are when he’s in the end zone.

“There’s not a lot of space,” he said. “You just got to use your instincts, get away from them as quick as you can, show your numbers to the quarterback.”

Robinson has caught his nine touchdown passes in the last eight games. His first touchdown of the season was a 70-yard pass play in the 34-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

“We owe ’em bad,” he said. “They got us pretty good up there last time. We wanted to rematch them right away. So we’re waiting for this game. It’s a big game for us. We’re going to come out ready to play.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Good point Phil.

It's because Laurent KEEPS playing until the whistle and doesn't dog it! Keep up the good work and hopefully it will rub off on someone with the number 88!

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