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December 20, 2011

Mike Jenkins says going 'back to the basics' making big difference for him

Cornerback Mike Jenkins said he’s gone “back to the basics” this year, and the result is a good season. He has eight pass breakups and an interception in 14 games, a year after what was widely viewed as a disappointing season.

“I changed my technique up a little bit,” he said. “Last year, I was trying something new. I just kind of went back to what I know, the basics. It’s working pretty good for me this year.”

Jenkins had a Pro Bowl year in 2009, his second year, when he had 60 tackles, 23 breakups and five interceptions in the Cowboys’ playoff year. Last year, he had 59 tackles, 15 breakups and one interception as the Cowboys went 6-10.

The return to basics this year is about footwork and aggressiveness, Jenkins said.

“Last year, I was just trying to do a lot more, just trying to do a lot more than I needed to do,” he said. “It just kind of caught up top me. I just went back to the basics. Obviously the basics are working pretty good for me. I’m just going to stay with it.”

Jenkins said he’s not letting 2010 linger in his mind.

“You can’t hold onto anything,” he said. “If I had a great season last year I would have let that go, too. It’s like going into the season last year. I had a great season, and I was still on that. I was on my high horse. I learned my lesson the good way. I take it a good way. Once you have a good game, you just let it go. If you lose a game, you got to let it go. If you win a game, you got to let it go and go on to the next week.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jenkins is a idiot unless your are doing something wrong you dont change. He think he is Sanders. He is afraid to tackle and his cover skill are subpar. Dallas just needs a whole new back end to the defense. Until that happens the defense will be subpar. When you have a front 7 that puts as much pressure on Manning as what the Cowboys did and you defense back only had one chance at a intercept then that tell you that Dallas De back are garbage.

Mike Jenkins, always the best in my heart!

the statistical difference between this ywar and last are pretty dramatic, meaning Jenkins is having a bad year and he is trying to learn from it and correct it. Softest mind on the blog- good one, Frank, and to the point...

@ Lenny...the softest mind on this blog.

Mike Jenkins...the softest player in the NFL.

Umm, the stats you presented for this year pretty much mirror last year, with pass breakups actually down. So what's the point here?

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