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December 08, 2011

Romo has had clutch performances late in games

Although he is taking heat, along with coach Jason Garrett, for not calling a timeout to get the Cowboys closer for a potential game-winning field goal last week, Tony Romo has had some clutch last-2-minute performances. He has gotten the game tied or won on the last possession of regulation in four of the eight chances he’s had this year.

He led field-goal drives that forced overtime in wins at San Francisco and Washington and field-goal drives that won home games against Washington and Miami.

He failed at home against Detroit, needing a touchdown, and against the Cardinals, although the game went to overtime, and he didn’t get a chance in overtime.

In two other comeback chances, he didn’t have much of a chance. He and the Cowboys got the ball with 27 seconds left needing a field goal against the Jets and with 22 seconds left needing a touchdown against the Patriots.

"Tony did a great job in a number of different two-minute situations," Garrett said. "If you factor the San Francisco game in twice, to get us in position to kick the game-tying field goal and then to win in overtime, he’s done it five times. ... We haven’t won some of the games, and that’s just part of this, the nature of the league. You’re going to be challenged in a lot of different areas, particularly at the position he plays. On the whole, he’s done a nice job."

Romo said he enjoys those pressure drives and making quick decisions.

"I think you love being in the situation where you’re making play calls and you’re getting your team up into good stuff," he said.

-- Carlos Mendez


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the only reason romo hasn't had more comebacks is b/c of his head coach. conservative approach vs. the pats and the cardinals at the end of the game...imagine how good romo would be with a real O-coordinator on his side?

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