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December 29, 2011

Stephen Jones said Dez Bryant must learn to take care of his business off the field

Receiver Dez Bryant didn’t talk to the media on Thursday, so he didn't answer questions surrounding another reported lawsuit against him.

According to the Boston Herald, a New York based finance company could serve him with papers before Sunday’s game against the Giants regarding a $100,000 lawsuit for allegedly not repaying a loan that is more than a year overdue.

Bryant had two other suits filed against him earlier this year, totaling more than $800,000. He has settled both cases.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones was asked about Bryant’s troubles on Sirus NFL Radio on Wednesday night and said Bryant needs to learn to take care of his business off the field.

“Any time you have issues that are in the public you wish they weren’t there,” Jones said Wednesday night. “I think most of these incidents revolve around things he did early on when he first got in the NFL. I think he’s learning from that, but there are still some lingering things that probably if he had to do over again he’d do differently.

“We’ve obviously sat down with him on numerous occasions to give any advice we can. Hopefully he’ll be able to correct those things so it doesn’t affect what he can accomplish on the field. If you don’t clean those things up, they tend to affect your career. He understands that.”

It should be noted that the reported new lawsuit came only a few days after Bryant changed agents from Eugene Parker to Drew Rosenhaus, who is widely known for getting his clients early contract extensions.

Bryant has three years left on a five-year, $11.8 million deal he signed in 2010. Although he has growing money troubles, the Cowboys are unlikely to give him a new deal unless and until he shows a pattern of consistency, maturity and production on and off the field.

-- Clarence Hill Jr. 




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