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January 17, 2012

Alicia Landry gets credit for the fedora, the star and shuttling the QBs

Alicia Landry was like E.F. Hutton: When she spoke, her husband listened.

Tom Landry's widow stole the show at the reunion of the 1971 Cowboys on Monday, which was 40 years to the day that the franchise won its first championship. Alicia Landry married Tom Landry Sr. in 1949. He became head coach of the Cowboys 10 years later, something for which Alicia takes credit.

She was asked Monday night whether she ever offered her husband any advice about the Cowboys. She said three times she had:

1. It was her idea that "Tommy," as she calls Landry, wear a fedora. For a cold-weather game in New York, someone had suggested he don a Stetson. "That's so trite," Alicia said. "But it does look good on Bum [Phillips]." So Alicia had Landry wear a fedora. It became Landry's trademark.

2. She was the one who chose coming to Dallas over staying in New York. Alicia said Landry could have stayed and coached the Giants, but she told Tommy they were moving back to Texas. "It's more like a club than a state," she said. Landry coached the Cowboys until 1989 when Jerry Jones bought the team. They won two Super Bowls under Landry. "That was my gift to you all," she said.

3. She was reluctant to admit it, but Roger Staubach and Craig Morton found out Monday that it was Alicia's idea that the Cowboys shuttle their quarterbacks for a 1971 game against the Bears. Staubach and Morton alternated each play, and the Cowboys gained almost 500 yards. But they turned it over seven times and lost 23-19 to fall to 4-3 on the season. Staubach was given the job for the rest of the season. "I hate to admit it, but shuttling the quarterbacks was my idea," Alicia said. Asked if Staubach and Morton knew that, she answered, "No one ever asked me."

Alicia also said it was her suggestion to put a star on the side of the helmet.

"With Tommy coaching them, they were going to be stars," she said, "and it's the Lone Star State."

The story of the '71 Cowboys has been preserved in a recently released book entitled: Breakthrough 'Boys. It was written by former Associated Press writer Jaime Aron.

-- Charean Williams




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Ok. Based on this article I am now seriously casting the first note for Alicia into the ring of honor. The star on the side of the helmet, the hat, the shuttle. Jerry make the call now and man up.

I am very sad and angry at what we have now and I now am a Texan fan. As far as I am concerned, this team no longer exsists because of Jerra! So the only logical conclusion is to support the only other NFL team in the state....thanks Mr. Arkansas Poppa john, for killing my team you moron!

I agree with John Q, the organization did well during the onset of the Jones era. But ego usually gets in the way(pride & fall). Now they are going in the direction of the Raiders and Al Davis. There is no organizational plan or blueprint as when Murch/Schramm/Landry were around. Sad.

Oh to have Landry, Murchison, and Schramm back running this franchise again. We didn't know how good we had it until Jerry came along. ^_^

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