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January 02, 2012

Bill Polian out in stunning move by Colts

ESPN reports that the Indianapolis Colts have relieved vice chairman Bill Polian and his son, Chris, the Colts' general manager, of their duties.

Bill Polian, renowned for shrewd drafting and finding gems among undrafted players, has been chosen as NFL executive of the year six times.

In December 1986, he was promoted to general manager at Buffalo and helped build the Bills into the team that went to four consecutive Super Bowls (losing one of those to the Dallas Cowboys).


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I don't know. I reads like he lost the first one to the Cowboys, then went to the Colts. Then the Bills lost the second one to the Cowboys. Then went on to lose the other two SB games to NFC teams.

YO! Jerry!! Wake up! GM alert! If you don't hire Polian and let him run your team you're stupid! Oops, my bad..you are stupid so I guess Polian will go to another team with the desire to win and an owner who knows enough to keep his pie hole shut.

Nice when journalists who make their living covering the Cowboys don't even know Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl history.

Wins: Dolphins, Broncos, Bills, Bills, Steelers

Losses: Colts, Steelers, Steelers

What are the odds that JJ gets smart and hires Polian and Spagnuolo? It would be hit to his ego but a huge plus for the Cowboys. Nevermind, his ego won't allow him to do it.

I think that the cows beat Buffalo twice in the SB, if I'm not wrong that would have been Jimmys two SBs, well really three since the cows last SB was won with Jimmy's players.

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