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January 20, 2012

Cowboys expect strength coach Mike Woicik to have a "big" influence this off-season

One of the Cowboys' biggest coaching hires last year was getting back strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik. Woicik has six Super Bowl rings -- three with the Cowboys and three with the Patriots. But the lockout prevented Woicik from having much of an impact in his first season back in Dallas since 1996.

The Cowboys expect him to make a big difference this off-season.

"He is an outstanding football coach," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "He might be as good a football coach as there is in the league and his track record speaks to that. Last year, there was a real frustration for all us to not give him a chance to get with these players. I thought he did a really good job in the season trying to get guys acclimated to some of the things he wanted to do. But his time wasn’t the season. His time was the off-season, to lay the foundation for each of these guys physically and in doing that, there’s a shared commitment that you have as a group."

Not all of the Cowboys have taken time away from the facility since the season ended. Many, Garrett said, have been working out already, getting ready for 2012 before the 2011 season is officially done.

"We’ve had a number of guys already, who literally the season ends, and they’re in the weight room," Garrett said. "I walked back there in the middle of a morning and guys are driving steel, trying to get better. We have the kind of guys on our team. It’s nice to have a structure and a forum for them to go do that this off-season."

-- Charean Williams



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Ditto to all the comments made so far.

The Cowboys need to be more physically imposing.

I second the Romo comment. He's beginning to age and getting in tip-top condition will offset that. I've been waiting for him to slim down and wondering why he hasn't done that yet. I don't think it's any secret that athletes like Jordan and Agassi, as they aged, in order to perform at top levels, never carried around extra pounds that weren't muscle.

Our interior linemen need to add some strength and bulk also so they can fare better with the likes of NY and Philly. Find out what turned Larry Allen into the Hulk and do that.

I keep saying Tony Romo needs to tighten up his physique too. He needs to get rid of some of that gut and lost 5-10 pounds and get stronger so he can move better. Tony can be better in this area and I think a lot of people know it.

Assessing this guys success will be simple. Just compare total hamstring injuries between this year and next year. I swear it seems this team has more hamstring and groin injuries than the other teams combined.

They need to lock Dez Bryant in the room for about the next 6 months! Maybe Woicik can keep him busy pushing iron instead of punching people!

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