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January 09, 2012

Dave Campo will not return as secondary coach in first move to revamp horrid pass defense

Secondary coach Dave Campo will not be back  next season, sources confirmed on Monday.

“As of now”, all of the other members of the coaching staff are expected to return, a source said.

The move with Campo appears to be the Cowboys’ first step toward revamp their horrid pass defense.

The Cowboys set a team record for passing touchdowns allowed in 2010. Despite the addition of new coordinator Rob Ryan, the Cowboys gave up the second most passing yards in team history in 2011.

Campo’s contract expired at the end of the season.

It culminates the end of an era as he came to the Cowboys with Jimmy Johnson from Miami in 1989 and was part of three Super Bowl title teams in the 1990s.

He served as the team’s defensive coordinator before being named head coach in 2000-2002. He coached in Cleveland and Jacksonville before returning to the Cowboys in 2008 as part of Wade Phillips’ staff.

The Cowboys could also have two new starters in the secondary as safety Abe Elam will be a free agent and cornerback Terence Newman is expected to be a salary cap casualty.

-- Clarence Hill Jr. 


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This is what startles me Dave Campo was already the head Coach and couldn't even finish above 500.and Jerry Jones bought this guy back! And the players played as bad as they did before maybe worse,he has been cursed every since he fired Jimmy Johnson and rightfully so.

Tony Romo is the problem, the reason he is the problem is because he forces the defense to be on the field with all of those three and outs, and he can't throw deep his passes are only for 10 yards at a time. He doesn't play to beat the other team he let's them beat him if he returns as starter you are going to get the same result, when are these people going to drop this guy. And to think this guy fired a coach who had won two superbowls but hangs onto these losers.

You need to hire a GM that can evaluate talent, sound familiar?

The secondary has needed help for the last five seasons, the fact that Philadelphia blows us up should light a fire for some help, but Jerry is, well, Jerry. Now we need an O lineman, a CB,S, and a couple of LB. I'm not sure Jerry is smart enough to do this in a draft or a dozen drafts.

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn

LOL, yea, Romo's best year. Are you kidding me whoever posted that. I can't even stand to watch him anymore. He runs the play clock down to zero every play, gets multiple delay of games, can not manage the clock(I have seen high schoolers manage the clock better), can not come back when behind(as a matter of fact, can't keep a lead either). You must be smoking some really good ganga if you think this was Romo's best year. Sure the defense sucked, but guess who elses defense sucks, New England. Where are they?

Im sick of sticking up for Romo to people. He is a great qb and no one is paying attention to the defense they just want someone to criticize not to mention his last name rhymes with homo

Just know two good coaches are gone, and the last time I checked. Coaches don't make plays, players do! Let's fix that defense!

Breaking news:

Jerry trades up for RGIII.

Campo is not helping the secondary. Either way heads must roll players and coaches alike with their lack of production. We have watched this lousy secondary give away games for too many seasons!! Fix it Jerry!!! Also, re-sign Robinson, Can't remember when we had this kind of talent at WR!! Robinson has proven to be better WR and he doesn't disappear for 3 quarters per game like Dez Bryant does.

It's not Dave, it's the players. And who has control of the players.... Jerry!

Are you guys forgetting that Garrett had control of the draft?

The secondary sucked big this year. They couldnt stop grandma even if she did get run over by a reindeer. They looked like deers caught in the headlights get some head hunters.

Its not Campo's fault that theres no talent in the secondary! I dont care who would've coached this secondary! They would've still sucked! Jerry's the one that ignored it and didnt get him any help! Tony Romo's not this teams problem! Jerry is. Romo's a stud,just not many studs around him to help him! Defense is worthless!

Well with the necessary rebuilding this team needs all I can say is brace yourself effy, cause its going to be a long few years before (and if) this team gets back to being competitive.

Scape Goat !!!!

Signs you are a hater and don't know anything about football:

1.) You read an article about the Defense, and you respond with "Trade Romo" after the best season of his career.

2.) You think Romo is this teams problem

Russ is right. Newman is garbage and can't tackle. Jenkins is always hurt. Scandrick gets beat deep. Alan Ball is the WORST cornerback ever. Sensabaugh has mental lapses. Elam is just too average. Secondary sucks. Not Campo's fault at all.

Tony romo is an accident waiting to happen, but he wasn't the problem this time! Ryan's ego is big as his mouth! !He thought he could turn lead into gold; Anyone who has been watching knew that the secondary was horrid, but arrogance lead to weekly excuses! Get corners and linebackers,and Ryan will produce! However that rhetoric spouting (we'll getbetter)weak puppet has to grow some or change his name to Jason Jones! !

Campo sucks. Taking this long to let him go just shows how out of touch the cowboy organization is. They react instead of being proactive. This is the classic sign of an incompetent team and general manager. My wife could do a better job of GM and talent evaluation. Jerry is out of touch and frankly a laughing stock of the NFL. He is basically Al Davis. He's just missing the silver jogging suit. The Cowboys will win again when Jerry is six feet under. Until then they are knee deep in mediocrity. Sorry to say but this is the truth!

The secondary sucked n no pass rush up the middle, terrible! Been a fan since 1970 n from Md outside of D.C. Gotta 2 listen 2 fake azz redskin fans! We need help jerry on the D !Still not feeln the d coordinator Not good in Big D

Draft Dre Kirkpatrick, sign Tracy Porter and lets get a solid outside pass rusher opposite demarcus. Spencer should've broken the sack record with how many double teams ware got. Spencer just ain't cutting it. Pray Bruce Carter develops like Sean Lee did then we b set at MLB! And replace Holland/dockery.

1st you a gm then you get rid of all the corners an safeties that's a start

I agree Kewan - Glenn seems to be ranting without reason concerning Romo. Romo was one of the very top rated QBs in the league this year. He wasn't the one giving up 50 yard bombs in the 4th Quarter or blocked punts or silly time-outs. He was dominating games only to watch our pathetic defense give the games away. Romo also had this remarkable season with busted ribs and at the end with a busted throwing hand - so when I hear Romo is the problem, I have to wonder what games they actually watched this year. Brady, Brees & Rodgers are at the top and Romo is right there with all of them. my .02 :)

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