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January 30, 2012

DeMarcus Ware only Cowboys player on Sporting News All-Pro team, Phillips top coordinator

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware was named to the 2011 Sporting News All-Pro team. He is the lone Cowboys player to be so honored as the best in the league at their position, based on  a vote of 30 NFL executives.

Former Cowboys Wade Phillips, now the defensive coodinator for the Houston Texans, was also honored by the Sporting News. He was named the league's top coordinator.

Clarence Hill



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LOL, perhaps you are right behind enemy, however, The Texans have a way better shot at making it to a Super Bowl as a representative of their conference than the other Texas Team that had a worse record than the "trash team" from down south.

@Behind Enemy: Well you can't deny "that trash" played better and made the playoffs with a 3rd string rookie QB as opposed to the Cowboys. Wade took a run of the mill defense and turned them into stars. Too bad Jerry would not give the chance to actually coach the Cowboys and do the same thing here. )c:

Congrats to D. Ware!! The only Cowboy who deserved the honor..

..And Wade Phillips will be horrible, like his Texans next year.

Tom and Tex would roll over in their graves to hear that JJ let "luv ya blue" coach the DALLAS COWBOYS. Houston is "trash" and second rate at everything.

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