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January 17, 2012

Early mock drafts have Cowboys taking DeCastro, Kuechly, Upshaw, Dennard and Ingram

NFL.com has come out with its first mock draft, and not surprisingly it is "all over the board." Five nfl.com and NFL Network personalities had five different picks for the Cowboys at No. 14.

The five picks were: Stanford offensive guard David DeCastro, Boston College inside linebacker Luke Kuechly, Alabama outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw, Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard and South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram.



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Dallas need so many defensive players, that if they hope to contend for the NFC East title that they are going to have to spend in free agency and make a (new saying for the boyz) SPLASH IN THE DRAFT. They need someone that can help D-ware to put pressure on QBs. I hate to say this, but they need to be more like the Deadskins outside linebackers. Those two dude can put pressure on QBs like no one else. So if I had to pick I would be looking for the next D-Ware at outside linebacker. Someone need to help D-Ware put pressure on the QBs. DALLAS COWBOYS NUMBER ONE PICK FOR THE 2012 DRAFT FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA COURTNEY UPSHAW!!!! 2nd round is a flip do you go defense back or offense guard,(Dallas needs two gaurd to help the running game) third round nose tackle from Baylor to move Ratliff to defense end which Dallas is short of and then finish out the draft in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round with defense backs, safeties, and defense ends. GOT TO PUT THE D BACK IN DALLAS, if we hope to win!!

Kuechley with pick #1. . . . . reminds me so much of the great LeeRoy Jordan, just physically bigger. Then OL and CB's.

I'd take Decastro or Upshaw in that particular order if available at 14

I like the pick of Upshaw think he will
Improve Defense!

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