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January 21, 2012

Garrett didn't want to give up play-calling in 2011, but willing to let Callahan's role 'evolve'

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he didn’t consider giving up his play-calling role this year because it would have been disruptive.

“I think it’s important to be consistent through the good times and some of the times where you struggle a little bit,” he said Thursday at Valley Ranch in a press conference to introduce offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan. “And you certainly want to make pointed change when things don’t go well. The way we want to progress going forward is keeping the structure in place as it’s been. I think it’s been good for a lot of people. We’ll just keep going and keep trying to get better.”

Garrett said quarterback Tony Romo had perhaps the best season of his career, and he wants to keep Romo comfortable with the playcalling structure.

But Garrett said he’s open to change, even if it means pulling back on his playcalling and letting Callahan’s responsibilities grow.

“I think that’s something that will evolve, and I think that really probably evolves for a lot of head coaches as they grow into their role more and more and they assemble their staffs around them,” Garrett said. “Again, our starting point will be pretty much how it’s been in the past both in terms of how we set it up in the offseason, each week and during the game. But I have a tremendous amount of confidence in him. His role will be significant, and we’ll just see how the role evolves.”

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I still haven't figured out why they hired this guy...

Please let someone else call the plays!!

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