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January 23, 2012

How close are the Cowboys to the Giants?

The Cowboys could have eliminated the Giants. Not once, but essentially twice. If they could have held their 12-point, fourth-quarter lead on Dec. 11, the Giants would have been 6-7 and two games back of the Cowboys with three to play. Dallas had a chance to put away the Giants again in the regular-season finale in a winner-take-all game, but New York won 31-14.

How close do you think the Cowboys are to being in the Giants' position? Cast your vote, or post in the comments below.

Now, the Cowboys will watch their rivals in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

The question is: How close are the Cowboys to the Giants?

Clarence E. Hill Jr., beat writer:

So close, yet so far. The games and scores say they are close but don't be deceived: The Giants have a better defense powered by a proven pass rush. More importantly, the Giants have players who have gotten it done on the biggest of stages. 

Charean Williams, beat writer:

They are as far away as two Lombardi Trophies. The Giants are on the verge of winning their second in five years. The Cowboys won their last to wrap up the 1995 season. The Giants have a quarterback who knows how to win big games, and on the road. He has the most road postseason victories in history already and is 7-3 in the postseason overall. In two weeks, he could own more Super Bowl rings than his more-acclaimed older brother. The Giants also have a better receiving corps, a better coach, a better offensive line and a better front seven than the Cowboys. As close as they came to eliminating the Giants this season, the Cowboys have a long way to go to catch up.

Carlos Mendez, beat writer:

Isn't this Jerry Jones' question? It's probably been driving him crazy. But he, and the rest of us, must resist the temptation to fool ourselves. The Giants are in the Super Bowl, because they have a bona fide defense that is capable of pressuring the quarterback with four players. They can run the ball. Their receivers are beasts -- all of them. And their quarterback plays at an elite level when the games matter most. I still think about Eli Manning's performance at Cowboys Stadium on Dec. 11. Laser sharp. The Cowboys played the Giants close, because they are close at quarterback. But they are not close in the front seven, at receiver, at running back or in the offensive line. Even the no-pedigree tight ends of the Giants outperformed the Cowboys' in both games. Maybe when DeMarco Murray comes back. Maybe when Miles Austin is healthy for 16 games. Maybe if the Cowboys draft a top-flight corner. Maybe if the offensive line is better. Maybe the Cowboys are close. Maybe -- no, probably -- it is an illusion.
David Humphrey, editor:
Dallas is close to the Giants in terms of talent. It's their play in December/January where the separation begins and ends. As soon as Dallas learns how to close a season, they'll be a major contender again


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Offensively, the Cowboys are close. Defensively, the Cowboys aren't even in the same stadium...

Charean's comment is all that needs to be said on what the Cowboys need to do in improving this team. Jerry can start with her fourth sentence. And to get it started he can do everything possible to try and work a trade with Cleveland for that fourth pick of the draft and select RGIII, quarterback, Baylor.

What "Giant Blue" doesn't understand is the very fact he is on this site shows why the Cowboys will always be more popular. I live in the SF area and am a diehard Cowboys fan. I visit this site to read about my team. I would never go visit a NY site or trash talk on one because I'm not jealous of NY or secretly fixated on their team. All the haters can't admit their jealous of the lore of the Cowboys, so they hate. When Dallas eventually wins again, and they will, you will see retro Emmitt and Staubach jerseys everywhere. This era is the Giants turn and yet it will never be as big as when Dallas does it next. Sucks for you, haters.


Cowboys are just hype a lame 3rd rate team, still living in the past, America's team what a crock, no one likes them at all all smoke and no substance you will never see another Super Bowl. Next year will be worse. Go GIANTS

About as close as not making the postseason in typical, lackluster, underachieving fashion is to winning a wildcard game at home, then beating two tough, well-rested teams on the road and making it to the Super Bowl.

How far is the sun from the earth! Cowboys have no heart or killer instinct, and that come from a weak head coach and owner....

How close? About as close as Jerry is to death. That's how close.

Cowboys are closer than these beat writer's are to being "respected."

Anyone who thinks Romo is the issue is a fool. If SF had Romo, they would have converted 3rd downs and won handily. The SF defense held NY to basically 10 points. The SF offensive line only gave up 3 sacks and was able to run. Smith wasn't good enough and my Bay Area friends would kill for Romo. But Tony needs help to win the late season games because at that stage, he cannot mask the team weaknesses -poor line play on both sides of the ball. Go Pats!

They dont lose Demarco Murray in the first quarter of game 1 with them and we arent having this conversation. The 49ers have their regular return man in the game Ted Ginn and we arent talking about them in the Bowl. Cut and dry, simple as that! Eli is a F-A-G who had a lot more protction up front than us. Our line WILL be better next year! Go Cowboys!

David Humphrey-Do you even watch the games?? How can you think that these 2 teams are close?? There is no talent on this team. (Witten, Murray, and Ware are excluded)
Ring is right about them being a million miles apart.

How close? About as close as Jerry is to being a good professional GM. About as close as Jerry is to having a good working chain of command that maintains, rather than destroys discipline. About as close as Romo is to being a good qb in pressure games...

Which is to say, about a million miles from the Giants.

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