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January 12, 2012

Jason Garrett will continue to call the plays despite Bill Callahan's title

Jason Garrett has lost his title of offensive coordinator. It is a title he has held with the Cowboys since he arrived as an assistant coach in 2007 and something he kept when he became the full-time head coach last season. But Garrett isn't giving up the play-calling.

Bill Callahan officially was hired by the Cowboys on Thursday. The team created intrigue among fans when its press release said the former Oakland Raiders and Nebraska head coach was hired as offensive coordinator/offensive line coach. Some were hoping it meant Callahan will call the plays with the Cowboys, but that is not the case.

Garrett will continue in his role as play-caller, only without the title of offensive coordinator.

The Cowboys ranked eighth in total offense last season.

-- Charean Williams



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Okay, fine...Jason calls the plays.

So, can Callahan be allowed to call the shots on, or at least keep track of and give input on, clock and timeout management?

I mean, SOMEBODY'S gotta do it.

HOW do we know that the new oc arrangment is not going too work?stop all the cryin and give it a chance!

give it a chance,That

Then what was the point of hiring an OC???? If you are going to be that stupid Garrett....

You and Jones are 2 peas in a pod.....

Keep it up you will have the cowpokes going no where still.

Yo Jason! Open your eyes boy. Writings on the wall. Callahan is Jerry's next head coach in waiting. Better start workin' on that resume son.

this is definitely disappointing news.

next year, the cowboys offense is projected to finish eighth in total offense, 15th in scoring and 20th in red zone touchdowns, just like the previous five years.

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