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January 03, 2012

Jerry Jones: Cowboys should be in the playoffs, calls season terribly disappointing

Two days later, owner Jerry Jones has yet to get over his disappointment that the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs with quarterback Tony Romo playing so well.

He reiterated Tuesday on his radio show on KRLD-FM that he thought they were going to beat the Giants Sunday in the winner take all battle for the NFC East title.

“It’s a shame,” Jones said of the 31-14 loss which was the fourth loss in final five games of the season.  “It’s so disappointing to have Romo to be the fourth rated passer and not be in the playoffs. It’s terribly disappointing.”

Although Jones acknowledged the Cowboys gave up to many big plays on defense, Jones said the unit ranked 16th in the league and “showed up well enough to be in the playoffs. That’s frustrating.”

Jones refused to call the season a failure.

He said “disappointing was the word for me” because of the moves the team made to improve from last year’s 6-10 team.

He said the Cowboys were improved on defense from 2010. Romo was healthy and the fourth ranked quarterback in the league. He said the offensive line was improved from last year while the penalties and mental mistakes were down.

“You put that all together we should have been in better shape than we were in and in the playoffs,” Jones said.

Jones believes the Cowboys were undone by an inability to close in December largely because they played good teams, gave up big plays and didn’t make enough plays, like two big fumble recoveries they weren’t able to come up with in the Giants game.

“In general, it was disappointing not to be able to have a better December than we had,” Jones said.

The Cowboys were 1-4 in December and January in 2011, bringing their record to 13-19 in the closing months of the season since 2006.


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The solution for this team is simple, but JJ the GM won't do it.... 1st round pick, best cornerback available, 2nd round pick best cornerback available, 3rd round pick best interior lineman avaiable (one that can snap the ball), 4th round pick best safety available, 5th round pick best safety available.... pick up best corners and safeties in free agency, some interior lineman and name these guys next years starters. This defense cannot cover, so when forced into 1v1 by blitzs they get burned. The interior linemen let too many linebackers on Romo whenever needed. Romo is also lucky to have the ball snapped to him when he is actually ready... he spends more time chasing bad snaps than a Jr. High QB.

these comments go to show how out of it you really r... this was supposed to be somewhat of a rebuilding yr... you and the press must have forgot.. i must say though i am very happy that a lot of the players on this team showed you how football savy you really are.

The definition of stupidity is doing the same things you always done and expecting different results

Then change the culture Jerry. You can start by firing Garrett, Campo, and Hudson Houck. Then you can trade Romo, Witten, and/or Ware. Those guys will never win here. It's been proven every year. Why prolong this slide down to the top pick of the draft which I predict will be in about two or three more years by staying with these guys? Time to blow it all up and start over.

All I have to say is ROMO YOUR THE MAN all this BS that you don’t have a super bowl ring is garbage, you can’t tell me that a qb with a higher rating than ROGERS this seasoned is no good...... DOES ANYONE REMBER DAN MARINO NO RING PEOPLE!!!!.... I feel sorry for DEMARCUS WEAR this guy pours his heart into this DEFENCE when the SECONDARY is the one to blame for every loss we had this year>>>> LOOK PASSED ROMO EVEN IF HE IS THE QB the secondary has to stop the other team from scoring and they obviously don’t know how to do that JERRY JONES spend your dam money on a new secondary these guys are the only ones you need to cut

no-jerry-the cowboys shouldn't be in the playoffs. i've been a cowboy fan for 40+ yrs-this franchise has been mediocre at best-for the past several seasons-regardless their record. when you have the talent they have-year after year-and all you get is mediocre, at some point you have to sit back and wonder -wtf? i didn't think wade phillips was "the guy" - nor do i think it's jason garrett. it's true, that a team takes on the personality of the head coach--or in this case, the owner--thinking that just because you wear the star, that should be enough.

Hard to win a game when the defense is handicapped by no secondary. The only way Newman could cover a wide receiver is if the receiver wore a jersey with Newman's picture on it. And Jenkins is the same. See Manning throw ball. See Giants wide receiver catch ball. See Giants score. All any team had to do to win was throw the ball. Our secondary couldn't cover a rock with a blanket.

and the beat goes on...

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