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January 03, 2012

Jerry Jones expects Rob Ryan to be back as defensive coordinator

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has made no secret of his desire to become a head coach. He certainly hopes to get in the mix for one of the openings in the NFL, including Miami, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Jacksonville.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM on Tuesday that he expects Rob Ryan to be back as Cowboys defensive coordinator.

Clarence Hill



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jerry jones is a simpleton. rob ryan is a fat overweight blowhard..secondary is a joke..terence newman..forget about it..dave campo should have been fired years ago...cowboys are a joke...

I don't get it. What does Jerra have to do with all the pee wee football that this team displays every week.This falls on the coaches and the players.

Some of garetts play calling was so predictable. And of course some of his decisions were questionable.Ryans defense always looked confused before the snap. 3Rd down was not a pretty sight

Burnt Toast Newman was pathetic. He was such a disaster and a liability that we don't know if our whole secondary sucked or were they making up for this bums mistakes that it took everybody out of position. The constant offsides calls were so pee . The offensive line couldn't protctect their QB. Felix Jones finally manned up when his job was taken away.

Jeera needs to find a corner or two. He needs to find an O lineman and a back up running back. That's what he needs to do. Do we need a GM for that? There are plenty of GMs out there who can't get the job done

Come on people......Newman, O line, Running back, and these players to get some heart

Jerry is the problem!!

what happened to my post. can you guys not handle posts you don`t agree with

As a lifelong cowboys fan 63 years old, living in Houston since 1970, I am done. Called the pr department two weeks ago and told them to count me out. Will not be a cowboys fan anymore.

Jerry needs to be an owner and find good players and maybe a better coach. When the cowboys won those super bowls jerry was the owner and jimmy was the coach, and jerry didn't get involved. The reason jimmy left was because jerry wanted to get involved. The way it looks, we could be the new raiders, the way al Davis use to run it

bbogg, take a hike. Jerrah, the fool, will find his palace half empty before long. His ego outweighs any real smarts as the last 16 years have proven.

This is to bbogg. You are right! Tony Romo is an awesome quarterback. Yes he probably would have a Superbowl ring if he was on another team. This is evidence from your own mouth there is serious problems with the GM/President. You are correct he has three Superbowl wins under his belt thanks to Jimmy Johnson. You need to get your facts straight before you go on the offensive os someone that has a right to their opinion, like you, however messed up and incorrect it is. After Jimmy was fired, Jerry began building his own team and the rest is history, if you like it or not.

Straight out Romo played like a pro bowl super bowl quarterback, the problem is that the owner gets too involved with the coaches by coming down field and having a conversation with the head coach on decision that need to be made. Don't get me wrong JK is a great owner and business man, but that is what he needs to be a owner and a business man, he is not a coach and he needs to stay in the owners box and watch the game from there. That's why we can't bring in a coach like bill cowher, John gruden, Jeff fisher, because jerry gets involved to much. Owners own coaches coach, if jerry keeps trying to be a coach, those will be his last 3 super bowls he will ever win.

Romo played a great game against the Giant, which makes me wonder what game all you Romo haters were watching? Let's see he got sacked 6 times, had to take a pain killing shot in his throwing hand, threw 2 TD passes, had 2 dropped passes by Miles Austin, that would have gotten us first downs, completed 78% of his passes, and had totally turned the momentum around with 14 straight points, and apparently since he is always the one that gets blamed, let soft Eli heave a hail mary on 3rd and 7, which apparently Romo should have intercepted. Yeah, I guess you Romo haters are right, he sucks! If Romo were on the Jets, the Redskins, the Ravens, the 49ers, the Colts, the Bengals, etc. He would already have that superbowl championship. I'm glad he's the QB of my team, and I'm glad that Jerry will not be swayed by the haters stupidity. That's why Jerry is a Billionaire, and you're not!

Jerry does't need to hire a GM. Jerry is great and so is Romo. If you don't like it, go buy your own team, and get away from my team. This is the same Jerry ( GM ), that has 3 superbowl titles, and has made some real good draft choices as of late. The offense is set, and the deficiencies are in the secondary, and have been for years. Jerry will fix that this year, why?, because Jerry spends money, and is passionate about the team he owns. All you Romo and Jones haters can save yourself a lot of grief by just crawling away! Go Romo ( 2nd highest rated QB of all time )Go Jerry ( owner of 3 superbowl titles and many more to come )!

Jerry Jones just doesn't get it!
Until someone is put in charge that
knows how to build from the draft,make
proper trades and evaluate how far the Cowboys have fallen, things will never
A once proud franchise performs with no heart and pride like teams of the past.
How do you win when your defense is
constantly getting beat deep, can't
tackle and has no pass rush!
If there is a Santa Claus, please
take Terrance Newman,Rob Ryan,Jerry
Jones and the clown Tony Romo to the
North Pole and leave them there!
The Cowboys are becoming a joke!

Sometimes I feel Jerry Jones hates the Cowboys so bad he is investing his oil money into destroying an American ICON in sports. He has caused them to lose their status as America's team and has caused them to become a laughing stock in the NFL. I love the Cowboys but I don't believe any positive changes are on the horizon until he (Jerry Jones) is out of the way. Lots of money does not make one a great visionary in anything, including football. The problems are not with the players, other than Jerry is ruining many of their careers stats. Many players won't realize their greater goals because of his incompetence.

Rob Ryan is yet another blowhard, windbag. The apple never falls far from the tree. To hear his old man talk about himself, you'd think he was a combination of Chuck Noll, Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh. This just in...as a head coach Buddy Ryan never won a playoff game. Now back to Rob...I concede that his defense didnt have a full camp. However, only fans of losing teams use that excuse. How did the Texans do this year on defense? You think Jim Harbaugh didnt make some changes in San Fran? I was onboard with the Rob Ryan hiring, but as of now..nobody can deny that the hiring was a big mistake. His team was disorganized, undisciplined, stupid, displayed poor fundamentals and were a week to week embarrassment. Atta boy Jerry, bring him back...in fact lock him up for the next 5 years....lets give him a raise and keep him here long term.

One more thing - Jerry Jones says that fans should feel good that the Cowboys will spend money to win, okay Jerry the fans do feel good when YOU spend YOUR money for this team to win ball games, but I doubt very seriously if they feel good when they are spending THEIR money to watch this team LOSE ballgames. I will not spend another dime on the Cowboys (paraphanalia, tickets, etc) until I see that they are serious about winning and how would your pockets feel if this team played to an empty stadium.. When you have tried the same thing and spent a lot of money for the past 10 yrs on a team that can't make it past the 1st round of playoffs (if they get there at all) shouldn't that tell you something Jerry?? Just once why don't you try something different - like stepping down as GM..it couldn't cause any more confusion in the mix then you have going on right now.. Who knows?? IT MIGHT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

I agree to give Rob Ryan another chance since he did not really have a complete full season to coach the defense. But is it just me that sees this team as totally undisciplined? I mean the unnecessary penalties that were committed these last couple of yrs are atrocious!! If you didn't know any better, you would think a lot of these players DON'T know the rules of the game..I don't think that Garrett is the coach that can instill discipline in them..I think he wants his players to really like him and may be too soft on them - which is why they can cause all these unnecessary penalties without any fear of repercussions (like running extra laps -making them sit out a game etc..) Ask Jimmy Johnson what did he use to do to instill discipline in the Cowboys of the 90's (THAT WAS THE TEAM!!!)

I'm afraind as long as Jerry is in charge all will be lost no matter who the QB or the coach is. Sad! Sad! Sad!
Just look at what good ownership has done for the Rangers.

I asked a priest at Sunday mass to say a prayer for the Cowboys. His reponse was not prayer would help but a Miracle.

He's got the highest payroll now and look at the pathetic team he bought. It just shows how inept he is at spending money. He has demonstrated he has mastered throwing good money after bad repeatedly so quit and hire a good GM that will let the coaches choose the players.

If he does they should make him get a haircut and stop his cursing in front of children on TV.

Romo would be a greater QB if he ever gets an o line that can protect him.You can't do much when you're always running from the other teams defense or laying on the ground with a broken collar bone or ribs.

get rid of all the players and start over with players that want to play and pay them according to their performance

If we don't get rid of our secondary something is really wrong in DALLAS!!!!!

Peyton Manning ain't coming to the Cowboys so get that out of your heads. The defense is sickley and T. Newman is the virus. R. Ryan has been there a year - "COME ON MAN" the "D" line players are suspect and the only ones that shown up this year is Ware and Lee! The "O" line could use some slight upgrade from Free and Kosier

Peyton Manning ain't coming to the Cowboys so get that out of your heads. The defense is sickley and T. Newman is the virus. R. Ryan has been there a year - "COME ON MAN" the "D" palyers are suspect and the only ones that shown up this year is Ware and Lee! The "O" line could use some slight upgrade from Free and Kosier

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