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January 26, 2012

Jerry Jones says Garrett's youth, ambition and Romo's experience are keys to Cowboys' improvement

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the youth of head coach Jason Garrett and the experience of quarterback Tony Romo are advantages as the Cowboys get started on their plan to improve for next season.

“We’ve got a young head coach who’s got a staff that we’ve made a couple of changes on,” Jones said from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., this week. “And what you’re supposed to do if you’re young, smart and ambitious, you’re supposed to get in and make adjustments. And I expect that in the offseason. And expect it to be positive for our team. I think we’ll coordinate that with what I do, we do, in personnel, and that way we’ve got a chance to get better. But it’ll be a multi-pronged approach.”

Garrett turns 46 in March as he begins his second full season as the Cowboys’ head coach.

Romo will begin his sixth full season as the Cowboys’ starter, although he missed more than half of 2010 because of a broken collarbone. “The good news is we’re not starting out a quarterback,” Jones said. “We’ve got a competitor there. We do like a lot of the skill people that we’ve got around him.”

To Jones, protecting Romo is a prime priority.

“We were like 10th in protecting him relative to the sack stat. We need to be better than that because he helped us protect him a little bit with his ability to move around. We need to do better there.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

Better ask Jerry if it's ok to be original.

Carlos, dont cash that Jethro endorsed check until you look long and hard in the mirror and can honestly say you like who you see. Jerry says, Jerry thinks, Jerry Farts, Jerry decides, Jerry hires, Jerry's Biotch! Can't you find other angles, other stories, other material that does not revolve around your other boss? Must you continue this shrine to the man of many lifted faces? Do you have any original thoughts of your own?

Youthful coach and experienced QB?

So just about the time Jason Garrett figures out how to call plays to hold a late game lead, manage the game clock and his timeouts, age and injuries will be catching up with Tony Romo.

Im gonna love seeing all you pessimist boo hooers and so called experts fade away when the Cowboys get over the hump.

"Jerry says" - Why would anyone care what Jerry says? He's obviously an idiot in anything related to football.

My my.. lots of experts here on what it takes to make it in the NFL... YEAH RIGHT!

Garrent and Romo have been together since 2007. I don't see it happening.

Lord have mercy!!! Jones is just totally full of himself. If he thinks that Garrett and Ohno are the end all be all the holy grail to the Super Bowl. He has been drinking too much of his own kool-aide. He is a complete and total idiot, fool, boob, butthead, etc...

Jerry, Garrett, and Romo...'The Three Stooges'...lol..Jerry just will not admit HIS failures with his continuing to sing the praises of Garrett and Romo. His biggest failure is in his belief those two can get it done here. It ain't happening..

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