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January 03, 2012

Jerry Jones: the results are not acceptable but fans should feel good that Cowboys will spend money to win

It has been 16 years since the Cowboys last played in a Super Bowl, marking the longest such streak in franchise history.

Add in the fact that ten different team have made the Super Bowl from the NFC over the last decade while the Cowboys have just one playoff win and just four playoff appearances during that span and its an unacceptable situation, according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

But when asked what Cowboys fans have to feel good about their team going forward, Jones pointed to the fact he routinely has the highest payroll in the NFL.

“One of things that can be utilized to do better is money,” Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM. “We spend more money than anybody in football to have a good football team. We just have to do a better job in how we do it. It doesn’t always win it. Washington spends a lot of money. It doesn’t necessarily happen. But that is it NFL. But we have to realize this, that 10 different teams have gone to Super Bowl in the NFC over the last 10 years. We haven’t been one of them. That is not acceptable. We are trying to get there."

When looking to next year, Jones likes the mix with rookie Demarco Murray and Felix Jones at running back.

He also believes coach Jason Garrett will be better in his second full season as head coach.

“I like the experience Jason got,” Jones said. “It’s going to serve us well in the future.”

Jones is also excited about the progress the Cowboys can make in their second season under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, especially with them having the benefit of an off season to learn his system.

“I like philosophically what is happening on defense,” Jones said. “If you look at some of the better defenses, they match up to what Rob does philosophically. He will have offseason to institute what he does.”

Ironically Jones said Ryan compared favorably to former Cowboys head coach and now Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

It’s ironic considering that Ryan was hired in Dallas to improve the mess that was Phillips’ defense last year. But after leading the Texans to the second ranked unit in the league, Phillips has returned to be a standard bearer.

The Cowboys finished 14th in the league but seemingly got worse as the season went on. At the end of the season, they gave up too many big plays and couldn’t get pressure on the quarterback.

“Rob is not far off what Wade does (philosophically),” Jones said. “Wade has the No. 1 or No. 2 defense down there. But Rob is not far off. Rob has more emphasis on the secondary and less on the front. I like what we are doing on defense. We got to get better and not give up the big plays.”

It should be noted that Phillips improved a Texans defense that finished 30th last year to second in 2011. The Cowboys finished 23rd last year and 14th in 2011.

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That's the problem with Jones - just spending money does not equal winning. Let's say it together - INCENTIVE BASED CONTRACTS.

A contract that just says you will pay the RB $x million dollars for TDs, yards, and wins, without PROMISING it to ONE individual no matter what they do, means that anyone who performs like a starting RB (Murray) will make the big bucks. And if they do it again next year they will make big bucks too.

How can that NOT incentivize your starters AND the backups?

Jerry you wouldn't know a good player if he jumped up and slapped your face. Spend all the money you want on all these idiots dressed up in football gear. You say it's gonna get better, well it hasn't changed much in the last 16 years. And if this is the best you can do, please quit now.

You are a total joke to the NFL. Other Owners are praising you for not being able to be a Super Bowl contender!! Your team will never amount to anything. You keep hiring second rate players and you will always have a second rate team.

I am so sick of this from you. That's why I will always cheer for the team that you are playing against. Until you come down from your high horse and admit that you are the most STUPID PERSON IN THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL.

You moron - this proves your overall committment to your ego over what's best for the team and shows where your priorities lie. Money, money, money. Just because you spend a load of money doesn't mean you're gonna win. You have to spend it in the right places, which is something you are obviously not capable of doing.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Spending money to win doesn't work as long as YOU are GM!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. The Cowboys lack of winning ways is YOUR fault. Own the team, hire a real GM and coach and bask in the glory of being a championship team owner for the rest of your life! Walking around in coaching attire is pure comedy. Do you not care you are the owner of a circus and YOU are the biggest CLOWN???

Having problems with the GM? Did you know that the Miami Dolphin fans paid to have an airplane with a banner fly over the stadium during the last game? The banner said "Mr. Ross: Save our dolphins, fire Ireland". Maybe it's time Cowboy fans start showing Mr. jones that we do not support the GM and his decisions. Personally, I won't buy tickets to another game or cowboys merchandise until Mr. Jones offers a better football team as a whole including players, coaches and management. Heck, I may buy tickets to a game or two and show up with paper bags on my head.

Article about the airplane with banner at http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Fans-pay-for-airplane-banner-calling-for-firing-?urn=nfl-wp14979

Jerry does not want to win. He wants to make money. That is why he's a genius as a businessman and a great owner. However, he does not have the football intelligence to be a good or even average GM, so he makes way too many mistakes as a GM. The end result is a great owner with a mediocre GM and an average team. Sometimes the average team looks good and sometimes the average team looks pathetic. The majority of the time the average team looks AVERAGE. A team that beats teams with losing records but loses to team with winning records. Sounds familiar? In order to fix this mess you have to fire the GM and get a real GM that can make smart football decisions. Until then, the Cowboys will continue to be an average team. Before we know it, the other 15 NFC teams will have made it to the Super Bowl except for the Dallas Cowboys. I agree with all the people calling to stop the support to Mr. Jerry Jones until he brings a good football product to Dallas. When I say product, I mean football team, coaching staff and management.

I think Jerry is right. Fan nature is too complain about everything. Jerry spoiled the metroplex by winning 3 superbowls in the first 6 years. Most cities would gladly take it. I don't think it will get better until people stop complaining and adopt an attitude of grattitude. How about the draft this year, has to be considered a success. Smith and Murray were outstanding! You so called fans couldn't win 3 superbowls in a million tries!

Jerry Jones makes himself look and sound pathetic every time he opens his mouth. His free spending is the reason this team has so many overpaid underachieving players. Thanks to the local media talking up players after only a few good games Jerry listens to them and gives guys their riches.What a moron that Jerry is. As for the local media...just shut the he!! up when saying so and so deserves a long term contract that pays mega-bucks..

Hire a good GM and the team will recover.....Don't and we can expect another decade of same old, same old.

B O Y C O T T J E R R U H !

Blackouts could equal change!

So..Jerry Jones likes the RB tandem, he likes the experience JG got as head coach, he likes what Rob Ryan is doing...well, he also liked the Cowboys' chances going to play the NYG a few nights ago. Jerry Jones might be one of the most successful businessmen ever, thats great. As a football guy, however, he is a world-class loser that has no idea what he is doing. He doesn't have clue # 1.

Please note that I didn't even have my best player (Mario Williams). Thanks Jerry for cuttimg me loose and allowing me to work with a more talented unit instead of handcuffing me with the group you've assembled! Did you get my Christmas card?

Look beyond Jerry's typical spin and it's clear that he is a failure as a GM. The worst part of this mess is that he still clings to the delusional belief that his approach will work. If Jerry was the CEO of any high-profile company he would have been fired or ousted by the shareholders years ago. It's time that fans like us vote with our wallets and do everything we can to get Jerry to deal with reality.

Scandrick , Sensabaugh, Bennett, and especially NEWMAN must leave. Half the defense to say the least should be fired ASAP!! Do that JJ or I won't buy tickets from your lousy team. The Cowgirls must excel or we will start rooting for the Texans!!!

youre n whoever assist you have been a terrible judge in talent..referring to your recent contract extensions and the past ones.. you should try a gm , if you cant handle it go back , but at least give it a try.. you will probably live longer. theres no telling how many yrs have come off youre life due to disappointment with these teams..herschel walker won three superbowls not u..

Spending money to win isn't enough....You have to spend it on the RIGHT players. Also, you have to be able to find "diamonds in the rough" in the draft - later round picks that other teams pass over. The Pats do an excellent job of that. Jerry can make money, but he's not a "football" guy.

Jerry really does not get what even a moron would get....if the Cowboys were 11-5 or 12-4 and they had the highest payroll, then the argument could be made that the money was worth it, but this team finished 8-8 and were worst last year. Jerry, you really must thing that the Cowboys' fans are stupid...maybe, the ones that keep buying your Cowboys merchandise or tickets, but not all of us are doing that anymore.

Jerry Jones can 1st save money by firing that useless moron General Manager and that obese dip Rob Ryan. 1st class stadium, 2nd rate team, 3rd class team management.

how spend money more wiser and find good player that can earn the big pay , not pay them and they do nothing .... (now mr. robinson he has earn a big pay day sign me....)

He doesn't spend money to win. He spends money to go 8-8. To say you spend money to win you first have to win...

No wonder there is global warming with all the hot air coming out of JJ's piehole.

It doesn't do any good to spend money if you spend it on the wrong players. Terrence Newman should've been released 2 or 3 yrs ago! Martie Bennett and Spencer are under achievers. Ratliff is to small for his position and Scandrick signing is a joke! Jerry might know business, but he don't know football!

Jerry Jones is so out of touch it amazes me & with his attitude it's no wonder this team has only won one playoff game in 15 years. Sure he has the highest payroll but he ends up paying Miles Austin a boatload of money after only having one good season. He pays Doug Free a boatload of money after having a decent season his first year as the starter but stunk up the joint this past season. He pays a boatload of money to Gerald Sensabaugh & Orlando Scandrick who are nothing more than average players. Let's face it, this team's going to be mediocre for years to come as long as Jerry Jones operates in the same manner for this organization. No one can deny except Jones of course, that he would have been fired ages ago as the GM with the record he has in the past 15 years.

Could you post the english version of this article, please?

It doesn't do any good to spend money if you spend it on the wrong player

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