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January 24, 2012

Jones thinking veteran for backup quarterback, but how 'bout those Texans

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he’d like to have a backup quarterback with more experience than Stephen McGee. Then again, the Houston Texans made the playoffs and won a game behind a third-string quarterback with no experience.

“So I do know it can happen,” Jones said, giving reporters a wink Monday as he spoke at the Senior Bowl. “An inexperienced one can get you pretty far down the road.”

But turning serious, Jones said it’s important for the Cowboys to get a veteran to replace backup Jon Kitna, who retired. Kitna played the last 10 games in 2010 when Romo was hurt and stepped in during the Week 2 game in San Francisco this season.

“We like the progress of McGee,” Jones said. “Probably if somebody else has to really start taking snaps, we’d like to see some more experience.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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@Ms. Pacman 77, only a fool would label themselves as a follower of Pacman, but your actions speak louder then words, because you are obviously not a Cowboys fan, yet you come on to this site and impart your so called knowledge on us. Spare us and go back to "your" team, which is what team???

I would look at bringing Vince Young to the team as a backup QB as he is still relatively young and has talent, if he has matured, but not sure how you measure that. His history, thin-skinned, not taking "criticism" too well and thoughtless" comment, such as the Eagles being a "dream" team, which just put a big bulls eye on that team, would make me wonder if he has this behind him and wants to work on being a great QB.

You need someone like a Kubiak who can develop young quarterbacks in order for them to be successful.

@Ms. Pacman777: What!!! Jerry do something intelligent???? I'm not sure he even knows how to fire anyone but a coach.

@ MsPacMan

With a screen name like that, I think YOU are the fool!

Don't bring that piece of human trash, by the way..VASTLY overrated Longhorn, Vince Young. Don't hook yourself onto this loser. (like most Longhorns are)

You are probably thinking that would be a good move?? The best move that you could make right now is to fire the GM.

Your GM is an idiot. That is the way it has been for 16 years now.

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