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January 30, 2012

Mat McBriar to have surgery next week

Cowboys punter Mat McBriar is in Indianapolis, where he will moonlight as a reporter for ESPN Australia.

Two days after the Super Bowl, McBriar will undergo surgery on his injured left foot, which has nerve damage. McBriar said he spent two days at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., last week, where his injury finally was correctly diagnosed.

 “It’s frustrating,” McBriar said. “We could be four months further along.”

McBriar ended the season on injured reserve. A nerve test after the season showed no progress from the one he took in October, and his neurologist suggested a second opinion from the specialists at Mayo or Johns Hopkins.

McBriar said he should be able to resume punting this summer. That could, however, hurt his marketability. He is a free agent, and he has no idea where his future will take him.

“I’m no good to anybody until I get healthy,” McBriar said.

In his eight seasons with the Cowboys, McBriar has been the model of consistency with a career average of 45.3 yards and a net of 38.4. He had one of his worst seasons in 2011 with a 43.8 yards average and a 36.1 net.

-- Charean Williams


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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

Suge... He is still young mate... Damaged goods my arse... Dallas should of figured out the injury months ago. You will get back on track mat.

Hey idiot, Matt McBriar has earned the right to have a spot on this roster. If he can return to his form, he is probably the best punter in the game. There's about 30 other players I'd cut before Matt McBriar, maybe even 40.A great punter is like a 12th or 13th man on defense, lord knows our defense needs all the help it can get.

Focus on getting well first Matt. Drop foot is nothing to fool with. It can be corrected if the nerves involved are repaired.

You were kicking just fine before the injury. You will kick again.

Please do NOT resign him. He like payton is DAMAGED GOODS now. Nerve damage is nothing to play with. He may never be the same. He would cost us over 2 million. FOR A PUNTER DUDE...REALLY???? We could keep C.Jones who filled in ok and save the money. The Boys have way too many holes to keep this guy who may be washed up due to injury. Thanks Matt for the good punting you did in the PAST...but we'll PASS time...Enjoy your retirement Down under..dont come back please. Jerrah might get confused and offer you a 15 million dollar deal for 4 years with a 8 mil signing bonus or something stupid like that. NO THANKS.. NO WAY MATE!!

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