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January 13, 2012

David DeCastro, Mark Barron, Alfonzo Dennard are possibilities for Cowboys in draft

The Cowboys have 17 of 22 starters under contract for next season, but that doesn't mean all 17 will return or return to their starting roles. Cornerback Terence Newman is expected to be jettisoned, and the Cowboys could upgrade their entire interior offensive line.
Dallas will have chances through free agency and the draft to improve itself.
The Cowboys have the 14th overall draft pick. Some of the areas they could look to address are: cornerback, interior offensive line, safety, pass-rushing linebacker and defensive end. Draft analyst Dane Brugler gives an early look at who might be there for the Cowboys at No. 14, with comments. You can find Dane on Twitter @dpbrugler.
David DeCastro, G, Stanford - top guard prospect in this class, mauling puller who can dominate at the point of attack and eliminate defenders - will fit somewhere in that top-20
Peter Konz, G/C, Wisconsin - versatile center/guard who is more of a later first rounder, but could easily sneak into top-20 - no question the top center in this class
Mark Barron, S, Alabama - top safety in this class who loves to hit and get physical, better downhill vs the run than back in coverage but has the feet to hold his own against the pass
Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska - short and lacks elite speed, but he's fluid with good instincts, feel and ballskills for the position
Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama - would be a definite top-15 prospect if it weren't for the red flags off the field but the skill is there
Pass Rushing OLB
Melvin Ingram, South Carolina - do-it-all pass rusher who lacks great measureables but is relentless - in the James Harrison (PIT) mold
Courtney Upshaw, Alabama - lacks great length, but has smooth footwork and hips with the natural burst to win the edge and chase down ballcarriers (Def MVP of Nat'l Championship)
5-technique DE
Quinton Coples, North Carolina - had a disappointing senior season and there are some questions about his passion but skill and raw talent is off-the-charts
Devon Still, Penn State - moves very well for a man his size with the strength and explosion to occupy blocks and collapse the pocket - Big Ten Def MVP this season


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David DeCastro!
David DeCastro!
David DeCastro!

Yeah dude....we can get a OG in FA, We can get a good DB or two in FA. But we better get meaner, better , faster and get players with more intensity in the draft. The key to FA is no players over 28 should get a deal. NONE. If we could get a guy like Nicks at G and bring back Holland we'd be fine there. Its still back to weak Center though
Thats my biggest worry is at Center. Costa got too pushed around this year, ,mostly back into ROmo's space. NO GOOD!!
The draft should be used to get guys who just bring attitude and play nasty. Forget all this RKG stuff. Thats not going to do it anymore. Theres no FIRE, no PASSION, no bringing the PAIN on Defense. No one is scared to cross the middle. There are only 2 playmakers. We need to add. Please move Ratliff to DE so we can get some pressure PLEASE....somebody, anybody have a direct line to Jerrah. Maybe the fans can start a petition for this. End this NT experiment. We havent done anything using this formula. TIme to make a change.

RD# 1. Melvin Ingram OLB
RD# 2. D. Poe NT
RD# 3. Janoris Jenkins CB (I think teams will be scared to draft him cause of weed issues or Stephon Gilmore CB
RD# 4. Emmanuel Acho ILB or Audie Cole or
WERE GETTING A Extra Comp pick for Stephen Bpwen loss
RD# 4 Markelle Martin FS
RD# 5 Traded to move up
RD# 6 Traded to move up
Rd#7 Traded to move up.

I am bitter that it is another year I am reading about Cowboy's draft prospects instead of playoff possibilities.

Watching 49er's go from bottom of heap to playoff winner is like salt on the wound.

I believe we need to beef up our O-Line, Protect Romo and the Running Backs, then Change back to a 4-3 Defense

We need to upgrade the O-line but first and foremost we HAVE to take care of the secondary! It does no good to score 40 points a game when the opponent can just throw bombs and score at will against our defensive secondary. Newman, Jenkins, Sensabaugh, Scandrick, Ball, and Elam all need to be on unemployment next year. They're boat anchors. And while we're at it let them take Marty Bennett, David Buehler, Felix Jones, Spearman, and a few others I can't think of right now with them.

Too bad there's not a "Quincy Carter" in the draft, I'm sure our BRILLIANT GM Jerry would trade DOWN to get him!!

Romo deserves an O-LINE

Romo has been running for his life all of his career

I'd love to get Castro and Konz pets pally but I think we would do better by addressing OL in FA like getting a guy in Nicks or equivelent. Its an easier fix. Finding a Center is not going to be easyz DEFENSE is our biggest need by far IMO . We need pass rush NUMERO UNO. It will make any secondary lool better.I think we'll need 2 CB's and S but I'd rather get them in FA also Brent Grimes is a stud . I don't trust rookie DB's who hardly ever seem to pan out. Look at Amukara who some wanted last year and was the 2nd rated CB. HE SUCKS! I live in NY and the Giants brass are even this guy is going to need a lot of work. OMG imagine if we chose him over Smith last year...

A Clean Pocket is what gives Rodgers, Brees & Brady the time to survey the field

The Interior O-Line Upgrade Will Do A Lot For The Team

1.) Open Vertical Passing Game

2.) Open up entire playbook on any down and distance

3.) Improve Redzone & Goaline Rushing

4.) Give the Offense Balance (pass/run)

5.) Win the NFC East against the NY Giants & Eagles pass rush

6.) Keep the defense off the field

7.) Put Up 40 Points to win NFC

8.) PWR Rushing for the SB

9.) TD's instead of FG or Punts

You have to Protect Romo from the NY Giants & Eagles Pass Rush to win NFC East

You have to be able to Run the ball to win a SB

Rebuilding INTERIOR O-LINE opens up the entire play-book on any down and distance - anywhere on the field

Besides you can not fix all of the Defense in one year - Better to have a good offense to keep the DEFENSE off of the FIELD

Full Offseason for Rob Ryan and Mike Woiczik will do WONDERS for all of the defense especially Bruce Carter and Sean Lee

Besides we could just switch to a 4-3 and mask the secondary with a 4 man "bona Fide' pass rush

Whatever it takes

It Just Makes TOOO MUCH Sense

LT - Tyron Smith

LG - DeCastro #1

C - Konz #2 (trade up)

RG - Carl Nicks (F/A Saints)

RT - Doug Free

We would be set for the next 10 years

Jerry Jones is known to gamble. Janoris Jenkins might have great talent but we need to stay away from the red flags. We need a good solid pick like Tyron Smith was last year, not another first round bust.

The offensive players are needed for sure. And we really need defensive players all around. But these guys they are looking at, shouldn't be considered at all. One has no speed for a safety? One has issues off the field?? One is really large??

C'mon you can do much better than that. You need to dump pretty much all of the defense as it is. But I know that there are better players available than what you have listed.

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