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January 24, 2012

Pro Bowl snub just another sign of dying Romo-mentum and Romo Mania

One day later, I still find it interesting that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, coming off the best season of his career, was passed over as an NFC Pro Bowl replacement for Super Bowl participant Eli Manning by rookie quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton had a great rookie season, no doubt. He was the first rookie to throw for more than 4,000 yards, 4,051 to be exact. He set the single-season record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback with 14. He also threw 21 touchdown passes with 17 interceptions.

Newton did not have a better year than Romo who passed for 4,184 yards. He was also was more efficient and had fewer miscues.

Romo had a career-best touchdown interception ratio of 31-10 to go along with a career-best passer rating of 102.1, which ranked fourth-best in the league among all quarterbacks. Only Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady had a better rating.

Only Brees and Rodgers had a better completion percentage than Romo’s 66.3. Newton 60 percent of his passes and had a quarterback rating of 84.5.

Romo did all this in a season in which he also showed toughness and courage as he played one game with a fractured rib and punctured lung, leading the Cowboys to a comeback victory against the 49ers. He actually played several games with the fractured rib, taking pain-killing shots.

Now you are telling me Romo, a three-time Pro Bowl participant, didn’t have a season worthy of going to Hawaii as a replacement for Manning?

No, this is simply a case of “the chickens coming home to roost.”

Remember in 2006 when Romo burst on the scene and was all the rage? Fans couldn’t get enough of the spunky, upstart quarterback, an undrafted free agent who took over for the aging Drew Bledsoe.

The Cowboys rode a wave of “Romo momentum” to the playoffs in what would be the final genius act in what was Bill Parcells’ final season as coach.

Romo Mania swept the Fort Worth-Dallas metroplex as well as the nation. A legion of Romo-sexuals and Romo-sapiens were born.

His soaring popularity was why he made the Pro Bowl despite starting only 10 games, including only eight when the voting was conducted.

The decision then was spurred by hype, not by performance. The case is the same this year.

Newton, the Heisman Trophy winner from Auburn and the No. 1 pick, is all the rage.

Heck, if it was solely about performance then Detroit’s Matt Stafford would have gotten the nod after passing for 5,038 yards with 41 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

But Stafford, the third alternate behind Newton and Romo, trails significantly in Q rating.

Nope, this is about buzz.

Romo’s star has simply faded.

Fans and the media are disillusioned with him, if not disenchanted, because of unfulfilled expectations.

He’s no longer the cute, heartwarming hero who came from nowhere to quarterback America’s Team.

He no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.

Romo just gets all the blame for the Cowboys failures.

It’s not fair.

But often times what will make you laugh will make you cry.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr. 




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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

I believe being the QB of an 8-8, non-playoff team was a contributing factor.

Romo is going into his 6th full season as the starting qb of the dallas cowboys. Everybody want to pinpoint that other parts of the cowboys team defense, special team , offensive line has let romo down. what about romo record in setember, october and november. I don't hear anybody saying that those parts of the the team is letting romo down. As a matter of fact, romo plays like a hall of fame qb during those 3 months of the NFL season. It's not until the months of december /january comes around when the romo apologist states that romo nees a miracle to happen with the other pars of the team in order to win or participate in a super bowl. the time clock is ticking on romo-friendly. When TO was here it was TO that was stopping romo from winning a super bowl. After 2009 season it was the play of the offensive line. In 2010 tony got injured. In 2011 tony played with broken ribs an a bruised hand an still could not inspire his teammates to play @ a higher level like eli did with the giants just when everbody was counting them out. Now it's tehe defense that is holding romo hostage. what will b the excuse in 2013?

Tony Romo is one of the best QBs Dallas has ever had.He cannot win games all by himself, no QB can, altho he has tried ! If he is not given a chance to throw the ball by being protected , things are not going to happen ! The offensive line was not worth a dam and the defense did not play consistantly well .Remember, the running game depends on the offensive line as well. Several players who could've given 100% but slacked off need to be reprimanded or replaced !

As reported on the Cowboys website, Dallas typically does not release its players who were not selected to the Pro Bowl as alternates.

The best criticism of Tony Romo is constructive criticism. Just because someone is not a Tony Romo butt kisser, does not mean that he or she is a "hater." Credit him only where it is due. Let's get that straight first.

Second, Romo did have a solid year passing but we don't need a passer, we need a QB. There is a difference. QBs go to the Playoffs and the Super Bowl. Passers do not and Romo, albeit has been to the playoffs, only won 1 playoff game out of the entire time that he has been with the team. That makes him a great passer but a poor QB. Therefore, critique Romo objectively and stop massaging his ego.

People bashing Tony have absolutely no clue about football. It's a team game, hayseeds. Did Rivers become awful this season or did his line fall apart? Go back and watch the divisional round game against the Vikings and insert whoever you want in your mind at QB and they would have had been destroyed just like Romo against that rush. And the Vikings were not even that good, as evidenced by losing in the championship game. The Cowboys line was overrated in 2007 and got worse until it was overhauled. It was awful this season. Go back and look how much time Aikman had to survey the field, like Eli and Brady have today. Why don't you wait until Romo has that kind of time before running him out of town? You fools must not recall the years after Troy and how brutal the QB play was every game. If you can't recall, just watch Miami or Washington or Seattle or even SF. Tony isn't the issue. The issue is whether our GM can build the lines before Tony retires. Shame on him if he is unable to provide the necessary protection for his franchise QB.

Most of the national media and most of the fans around the country have spoken...Romo will never win in Dallas...Jerry..do us a favor and trade this guy to Cleveland so you can draft us a winning quarterback...RGIII!!!!!

Nobody will ever have full faith in Romo again---he just doesnt have the focus and never will--hes only interested in himself.

Romo is a Heavily overpaid, selfish, me me, Choking JERK---This loser quits folds or gets injured in every 4th quarter of every close game---i saw this in this selfish juvenile 3 years ago---He needs a 50% pay cut.

You must not watch the cowboys play. Dallas can't win if tony has average numbers. There's lots of teams that can when games when there quarterback struggles. But dallas can't they can't run the ball and they can't stop anyone on dfence

IF Jerry Jones is so stupid that he can't SEE that the REAL difference between Romo and Fleapie is in the OTHER players on their respective teams (I mean, show me ONE game the Giants played where THEIR defense blew a double digit lead! The Cowboys did it THREE TIMES this year!) then, Mr. Jones DESERVES to lose!

Lenny hit it on the Head you can look at numbers all day long and still new ones will emerge. Winning a game with few yards is better than losing with huge yardage. Tony cost Dallas lots of games cause great teams kick your butt with mistakes and Tony is mistake prone. Pressure KILLS him. He folds like a duck in the decoys. Just look what the aged QB Jon Kitna did with a rotten season. WHY? Because while is not the QB that Tony is in numbers as his physical abilities are gone from age HE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE..So no mistakes happen or very few, He throws stuff that gets where its supposed to. The Team loved him as he is a LEADER and they rallied around him..Another thing Tony lacks he is NOT a field General..Hey shucky Darn Guys I screwed up.Sorry ..again.. I'll field the media. Sorry that Tony grew up in the era of not keeping score cause everyones a winner pop warner days cause he still has that attitude..Any amount of money to anyone that TONY NEVER takes the Cowboys or any other team to the SUPERBOWL..EVER !! Jerry has a mancrush on him just like Colin Cowherd and a slew of other ESPN and NFL reporters including it seems you Clarence..He is not all that. Jerry and Romo killing the Dynasty ..unless his dynasty is to become the late AL DAVIS he is nailing that one.

If anyone should be groaning about Newton getting the nod it's Stafford. He had mvp like #s any other year besides this one.

Romo had 2 turnovers in a must-win game against the Giants to get into the playoffs.

This is what we expect from Romo.

Those are the facts.

Hey Lenny, how many games do you think the cowboys win if romo threw for 180 yards and 1 td. Very very few. Tony is not a game manager. This teams weight is on romos shoulders and he needs major help.

With just a few less mistakes by players/coaches and the Cowboys could be in the Superbowl!Most football games are basically lost in the very first couple of series and some in the second half.My advise is not to take it too seriously. I have been following it for over 47 years, remember it's only a game and they still get paid whether they win/loose. Be blessed!

I still believe Romo can lead the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl, but the window is fading. We'll never know how the season would have went had Murray not broken his ankle. The running game came back and was on a roll, which makes the passing attack a bit easier to execute. Need some big changes in defensive backfield before rushing to a new quarterback.

Romo Kardashian is an overrated overly hyped fantasy QB who has a .500 winning percentage. Who cares about the Pro Bowl? I remember when the Cowboys went to Super Bowls! He's a 9 year veteran that makes the same rookie mistakes. The Cowboys need a new QB, Romo will never lead the Cowboys to success.

Solid article and one I fully agree with. Romo is a top 6 qb in my book and watching the cowboys this year has led me to believe he is the LEAST of our problems. Poor Oline makes it difficult for een a mobile qb. Romo may have blown 2 games but he put us over the top in at least 6 others. His good outweighs the bad by alot. We need a new interior to the line. Look back at our qbs after Aikman. Would you rather have poner or gabbert under center? Those are 2 first rounders from last year. If Romo was cut there would be plentyof teams lining up for him. We have 3 years left of Romo in his prime. Lets surround him with some depth and talent.

Hey Clarence, Stop waving the pom-poms, son. Romo cost the Cowboys TWO all by himself. He was the singular reason why the Jets and Lions beat the Cowboys. Any NFL QB who single-handedly loses two games for his team, is not pro bowl worthy. When people like you, and Romo himself, realize that a QB going 12 of 23 for 180 yards and 1 TD and getting a WIN is better than going 27 of 35 for 380 yards 4 TD and 2 INT and getting a LOSS, then we'll all be better off. As I have said a million times, the slogan around Dallas should be: "Tony Romo...just good enough to lose with".

the only reason why romo has not had any competition for the qb position lies soley on jerry jones. jerry wants romo 2 succeed so bad that jerry can taste it. the nfl has become a qb league without a clutch qb a nfl team will always fall short of the goal of winning a SB. Jerry wants to prove that u can win a SB @ qb by circumventing the system with a undrafted free agent. the only undrafted 2 win a SB was kurt warner an he played in 3 SB an is headed 2 Canton. I 2 wish that jerry would invest in a #1 draft pick on a qb.

Clarence the national media is finally coming around on the hype that no longer exists that they..along with the DFW area media..put on this guy way back when. And now the NFL powers that be and most of the fans are coming to the realization that Romo is and always was all hype with no substance. It's you guys and gals in the DFW media who continue to go along with Jerry in thinking this guy can and will get it done. Memo..it ain't happening with him at the helm. The sooner you media types up there quit agreeing with Jerry and call for the replacement of Romo by way of a first round pick at quarterback the sooner this team can hopefully get back to winning. This team does not believe in Romo anymore. Just ask each player on this team their opinions on Romo..off the record..you will get your answer loud and clear.

Doug Williams went through the same thing

This is why the Pro Bowl selection process has always been a joke.

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