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January 30, 2012

So when do the Cowboys return to the Super Bowl?

The Patriots arrived in Indianapolis on Sunday. The Giants land this afternoon. The Cowboys, once again, are nowhere to be found during Super Bowl week.

As every good Cowboys fan knows, it's been a long time -- too long -- since the Cowboys were here. It was the 1995 season when they won their fifth Super Bowl. They have two playoff victories since, having made it only as far as the divisional round.

How soon do you think the Cowboys might return to the Super Bowl? Cast your vote, or post in the comments below.

So when do the Cowboys return to the Super Bowl?

Clarence E. Hill Jr., beat writer:

The fifth of neverwary. The Cowboys have not sniffed the Super Bowl since 1995. They have won one playoff game since 1997. And they will head into next season as the third-best team in the NFC East. Add in the fact that the core group of Tony Romo and Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff is aging, there is a chance the window has passed for these Cowboys. The window has seemingly already passed on Terence Newman and Bradie James, who were part of the team's core foundation but neither is expected back next season.

Charean Williams, beat writer:

It's been -- what? -- 16 years since the last one. It's so long ago, I've forgotten. Consider, there are Cowboys fans who have never seen their favorite team win a Super Bowl title. This might as well be Detroit, or Cincinnati, or Houston. Until the Cowboys get a general manager, they are the definition of insanity. It's a safe bet that the Super Bowl will be back in Arlington before the Cowboys are back in the Super Bowl.

Carlos Mendez, beat writer:

Like anybody could possibly know that, as Napolean Dynamite would say. But OK. Considering the Cowboys are farther ahead in the game than most teams at quarterback and running back (assuming the return to form of DeMarco Murray), two big ingredients for a return to the Super Bowl are already in-house. So what else needs to happen? Well, if the Cowboys can get stronger on the offensive line, if they can find two playmakers on defense (to add to DeMarcus Ware), if Jason Garrett matures as a head coach, if they can find a superstar to make plays on offense and special teams, I'm going to guess they're back in a time frame of two to four years. Not that long. And maybe Uncle Rico can throw this ball over them mountains.
David Humphrey, editor:
Dallas will make the playoffs next season. That's step No. 1. As for the Super Bowl, mark the 2015 season. It'll be Tony Romo's 10th season as a starter (13th in the league) and Jason Garrett's fifth season as a full-time head coach. That should equate to a ring.




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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

Anybody who predicts a superbowl for cowboys is nuts. We got a Owner/Gm/Headcoach/offensive coordinator/defensive coordinator/headcheerleader/Major Jock-sniffer/IDIOT BY THE NAME OF Jerry Jones! Jerry is a supernut!

Not as long and monkey mouth is in charge.

I would say the Cowboys have a shot at winning a Super Bowl 3-4 years after Jerry Jones removes himself from the GM role. I also agree with another poster....IF we had a GM right now you could trust...the wise move would be to unload the guys that are at the top of their game and get this thing done correctly. We have too many guys who have some great stats but just are not big in BIG GAMES. And I am sorry, but Demarcus Ware is one of them. Looking at his stats, you would think he was cranking out seasons like Bruce Smith or Reggie White had. The fact is, Demarcus Ware cannot come up big in a big game to save his life. Add Romo to the mix too. I admitted several times that stat-wise he had an impressive year..but he did single handedly cost the Cowboys TWO games. And here is a news flash...Late in the super bowl, when Eli hit Manningham down the left sideline....at that spot in that game...No way does Romo hit that pass. In that situation, he throws a pick or even more likely doesnt feel the pressure from his blind side and fumbles and give the other team first and goal at the 2 yd line. Getting rid of the "soft" players and getting mean football players would also help. Soft players: Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins are two of them. And Miles Austin is one more injury from being labeled soft, too.

Jerry Jones as General Manager = FAILURE

Hence... The Cowboys will always blow as long as that circus is in town.

As much as I enjoy watching these guys, I would trade: Ware, Romo, and Ratliff for a load of draft picks in the '12 and '13 drafts. Combine those picks, with our own, and re-start the team. It will take a complete rebuilding of the Cowboys to even have a shot at returning in the next 10 years. Of course - hiring a GM would be the correct action - but that simply will not happen with the ego-driven owner in charge.

@Carlos Mendez: "Considering the Cowboys are farther ahead in the game than most teams at quarterback and running back,..."

After the 2012 draft, there will be at least 12 teams with a QB better equipped to win in the playoffs than the Cowboys.

The point about running back is idiotic. In today's NFL, you can play the season without a running back and win the Super Bowl.

You are utterly dumb and clueless.

I know everyone of us is mad, and rightfully so. But let's be constructive. Jerry won three superbowls under his watch. Two with a great coach with authority and one with a motivating coach who had a great team given to him. Cowboys went down thereafter. Bill Parcelles took over and put togather a good team and had he not left after 4 years, we could have been a contender. he established a great culture that was destroyed by his successors and cowboys became a gutless indifferent team. We need an experienced tough good coach to re build with a new culture. A coach with authority to punsih those whoe do not want to be a part of this culture and to get personal the way hee sees fit. Jerry can still be there but follow what he did in JJ's and Bill's era. This will get us there within 4 to 5 years.

In 2012 go cowboys!

Tony Romo will be 35 years old in 2015. That's a little late to start winning Super Bowls.

Those of you writers who think Dallas can return to the Super Bowl in the near future should hand in your walking papers asap! In fact The Star Telegram should request your written resignations effective immediately. Stop drinking the kool-aid, and do your jobs. Tell Jethro to keep his incentive checks for your false optimism. This team is as good as it can get at 8-8. If you can't see how far we are from being a Super Bowl contender, then you are indeed idiots.

When jerrah lies in a hospital bed drooling and mumbling
"I did it, I did it"....

The Dallas Cowboys will not even reach the NFC Championship as long as Jerry Jones is running football operations. Therefore - and I don't mean to sound morbid here - but the Cowboys have no chance until Jerry Jones dies.

2012 belongs to philly. that team will be scary next year.

cowboys will be a lottery team next year.

Boycot articles starting with or having anything to do with Mr. Jones. Jerry Free, that's a start.
Carlos you need to start taking better drugs man, you are seriously flawed in your thinking, David, what makes you think Garrett will survive next season, let alone 5? Boycot Jethro.
Star Telegram writers step up and make a statement for the readers and fans. Jethro Free for one week. Be an industry leader not a follower.

As a psychic who has never been wrong (*today*) I foresee the Cowboys going to the Superbowl anytime they want as long as they buy tickets to the game.

the cowboys will not reach or even sniff a Super Bowl until jerry stop trying 2 undermine the nfl system by developing a qb by the cheap. Now that there is a Rookie Salary Cap in the NFL Draft, it's time 4 jerry 2 draft a geniue franchise qb 2 back-up romo so that the cowboys will not b n the same position it was during the pre-romo days 2001-2005 flat footed.

Carlos and David...you two are 'idiots' if you think this team is anywhere close to going to the Super Bowl. Clarence and Charean know what's going on up there and both of them are right. We need a new GM and the window HAS CLOSED for this core group of players. Time for Jerry to admiit it's time to find Romo's replacement..quick, fast, and in a hurry. Say...RGIII...in this upcoming draft? But of course whether the DFW media admits it or not..Jerry will not do anything about replacing Romo now until they ALL call for him to be replaced. Yes...the media of EVERY pro team in any sport has that much pull!!

The only way the Cowboys return to the Super Bowl under Jerry Jones' watch is if they buy a ticket. I should've had my head examined when I predicted this team to go 12-4 this past season.

Listen up fans. BOYCOTT THE STADIUM UNTIL JERRY FIRES HIMSELF. If he walks into this palace on opening day 2012 and it's empty then he'll get the message loud and clear.

After watching this group of pathetic no good losers in 2011, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that we won't get swept by the GMen & Philly in 2012 and split with DC. That's 5 loses right there not to mention we have Pitt, New Orleans and Baltimore so making the playoffs is out of the question. This team will be extremely lucky if they come away with 5 wins. Our season will be over by Turkey Day. Now, that's keeping it real.

Carlos and David assuming that you two are not making a joke, just what in the HE!! are you guys smoking,drinking or injecting????? Another question are you really Jaharry using a screen name?

About 5 years after they get a GM that knows football talent when he sees it, so as long as Jaharry owns the team that will be NEVER.

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