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January 09, 2012

Tony Romo's comeback at San Francisco up for an NFL award

Tony Romo's comeback from a broken rib and punctured lung in Week 2 to lead the Cowboys to a victory at San Francisco is one of the nominees for an NFL award. The GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Year award will be presented the night before the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Romo's performance is one of the five finalists for the award. Fans can vote at nfl.com/gmc until 8 p.m. on Jan. 26. One fan will be selected to win a 2012 GMC Sierra HD Denali.

The other nominees are Packers linebacker Clay Matthews stopping the Saints' Mark Ingram at the goal line in Week 1, the Raiders' victory against Houston in the first game since Al Davis' death, Torrey Smith's touchdown catch to help Atlanta defeat Pittsburgh in Week 9 after he had dropped a touchdown pass three plays earlier and Denver's victory against Chicago in Week 14 with the help of Matt Prater's 59- and 51-yard field goals.

-- Carlos Mendez

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The line is not dominant. It is not good. It is barely average. Why can't we wait until Tony has time in the pocket, like Eli gets, before we judge him so critically? People in SF would kill to have Romo over Alex Smith. Why can't our own "fans" understand that he isn't the problem. If a punt doesn't get blocked, they win against the Jets. If the hold is correct and the placekick is made, they win against AZ - that's 10-6 right there. Yes, Romo played poorly in the second half in the Detroit game, but so did the defense that could not hold the lead, like they couldn't against NY, New England. When he has time and a running game (recall how he looked when Murray was good), Romo can be a championship caliber player. Stats don't matter, yes, but teams do matter.

Sure he did a "tough" job. But really, it was stupid for him to play in that condition. He could've easily been seriously injured in that game. I am glad that he wasn't.

I will admit that "on paper" he had a decent year. A QB is only as good as his team. And it stinks from the top down. Stats don't win games. The only stats that actually matter are the W's and L's.

Give that award to a winner, not a whiner.

If Tony doesn't win this award, it will be typical hating. Romo doubters should take note how Matty "Ice" Ryan got a free pass, again, from the media after scoring zero points in a playoff game. With a much worse line and no running game, Romo at least was threatening against the Giants. Those of us that are believers would like to see Tony get a few cracks at the playoffs with a solid line and running game and defense. Troy and Roger both had several chances in such circumstances. Tony's best chance came in 2007 and the Giants were just better. In 2010, the Viking pass rush was too much for our weak line. Can Jerry reload an offensive line and fix the defense in time? Tony has paid his dues and deserves the chance to compete for his legacy. Here's hoping JJ finds a brain.

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