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February 06, 2012

Are the Cowboys in line for another Week 1 date in New York? Why not?

Could the Cowboys be headed back to New York for the season opener again?


The NFL usually rewards the Super Bowl champion with the home opener on the first Thursday night of the season. That’s a big prime-time game. It’s going to get lots of viewers. But who better than the Cowboys to drive up the ratings potential even more?

Don’t be surprised. Television loves the Cowboys in prime time, and wouldn’t it make for great television to see the defending Super Bowl champs celebrate in front of one of its biggest rivals?

But still, it’s probably a longshot.

The game is going to get ratings even without the Cowboys. There are other terrific candidates for the Giants to play – the Packers, the Steelers, the Saints, to name three.

Plus, the league surely wouldn’t make the Cowboys open in New York in back-to-back years, would it? And the Cowboys have opened on the road four seasons in a row.

It’s probably a better bet that the Cowboys open 2012 at home. But it is the Cowboys, and it is the NFL. So who knows.

-- Carlos Mendez

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Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.

Carlos STOP writing about the COWBOYS, they suck.Jerry Jones is a joke and has turned the Cowboys into a laughing stock. Everyone in America can see that the G.M. is an idiot.

You'll get more street cred covering a local High School football team that the Dallas Raiders!

Truth is the Cowboys make more news than the Giants even when the NYG are SB CHampions. The COWBOYS were the team to visit NYC on 9/11..NOT that Giants. Please in NYC, the Giants are on the back page because the Yanks have not done anything recently..like someone stubing their toe.


Cowboys and Dolphins got better ratings than Lions/Packers on Turkey DAY! THAT is true and of course the COwboys will start on the raod...Goddell and the NFL screw us all the time.

They would miss a good spanking from the Giants by then.

Why not, the giants or any other team would gives us a spanking. It doesn't
hurt anymore, but it will put money in
Jerry's pocket. Isn't that the only thing that matters!

Truth is, no one cares about Dallas anymore. This team is full of retards from the players all the way up to the owner. This team shouldn't sniff a primetime games. We are the new Detroit Lions. A team that ranks in the bottom 5 of the NFL. Jerry is now the ring leader of this Barnum and Bailey clown act.

i think the cowboys will start the 2012 regular season @ home against the deadskins.

The cowboys ard a joke - they don't deserve rpime time.

Carlos..don't flatter yourself..lol. The Cowboys with their inept play the last few years will be lucky to get two prime time games next season. No one cares about seeing this misfit of a team in prime time anymore. Until Jerry starts changing out some of the core players we will continue to be non-relevent in the eyes of the TV gods.

As long as it is a team that can beat the Giants, but that is so into the new season that one really does not know and if history is an accurate indicator of the Giants, they have come to believe that as long as they are still in the race in December, then that they can beat anyone...that is the mental toughness and resiliency that they have come to believe. The Cowboys job is to knock that attitude out of them!

It'll be the Packers. http://www.DallasCowboysUniverse.com

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