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February 01, 2012

Cowboys deny Raiders chance to interview DeCamillis

According to sources, the Cowboys have denied the Oakland Raiders permission to speak with special teams coach Joe DeCamillis about a position on their staff.

DeCamillis is still under contract with the Cowboys and now appears will be back in Dallas for a fourth season. 

Raiders coach Dennis Allen had hoped to interview and possibly added DeCamillis to his staff with the title of assistant head coach. Allen and DeCamillis are close friends and had been on the same staff together in Atlanta.

But it would have been considered a lateral move and per NFL rules, teams only have to let coaches interview with other clubs for a head coaching position.

DeCamillis had hoped to get in the mix for the head coaching job in Jacksonville but that opportunity never came.




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A lot of you guys seem to think that a coach can make players who can't get it done on offense or defense, become a great special teams unit.

Get real. Joe D gets the guys who can't even start on an 8-8 team, we're lucky it's not a TD on every punt and timeouts called before every field goal.

But if the man has the opportunity to be an assistant head coach and would like to move on, why not let him? Seems counter productive to me.

This team needs an enima!

This decision ranks right up there with Garrett deciding his new offensive coordinator won't be calling plays next year. Really! Seriously??? Princeton can we get a redo? Garrett, if you want to stay in Dallas beyond next year, let Callahan, run your offense. Any fool can see our glaring needs. Better Special Teams play, solidify the offensive line, commit to the running game, flush your secondary, get some playmaking linebackers like Lee, Get some pass rushers who can actually rush the passer, and learn how to become a better clock and game manager. Become unpredictable, or better yet, be predictable, just have the players to shove the ball down their throats.

I know the roof fell on the dude a couple years back, and probably cost Jethro a few C-Bills under the table, but just because you got trashed in a storm, still dont mean you can coach. What's so special about our special teams? When was the last time they were special? I urge Garrett to reconsider his decision. Let the stiff go make someone else miserable. Good riddance and good luck. What a joke!

Joe De, living proof you can suck at what you do and still get moved up the ladder like so many other stiffs who keep finding their way to the keys to the executive suite. Whaever happened to producing results consistently before being considered for a promotion elsewhere? And shame on Garrett for not jumping at the opportunity of getting rid of a not so special special teams coach.

Another idiotic decision by Jerry denying the Raiders a chat with DeCamillis. The best thing that could happen to this team is to let that loser go to Oakland. We have two decent players and no decent coaches. Sometimes I wonder why we even suit up anymore. The Gmen and Philly really get a kick out of whipping our sorry a.... every year. Pathetic absolutely pathetic. 2012 prediction: 5-11.

Our special teams sucked in 2011 and 2010. Time to find another special teams coach. I say let the Raiders have him.

Our special teams - have been far from special under this coach - why not dump him while you can? Wonder why you don't get a HC Job when special teams can't tackle, get kicks blocked or get penalized at every opportunity? Really?

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