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February 29, 2012

Cowboys need Laurent Robinson because of Austin’s yearly hamstring issues but he has injury history too

Shaping the Cowboys negotiations with free agent receiver Laurent Robinson is the team’s need for three quality receivers.

With Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Robinson, the Cowboys have a trio as dangerous as any in the league and the Giants certainly showed the importance of that with their run to the Super Bowl fueled by the play of receivers Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham.

What’s also true for the Cowboys as it relates to Robinson is that they need a third quality starting caliber receiver because of the injury history of Austin and Bryant who missed a combined seven games last season.

Austin missed six of them and seemingly has a propensity for nagging hamstring issues going back several years.

Their absences last season set the stage for Robinson’s breakout with 54 catches for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns, all career highs in what was his fifth season in the league.

Robinson needs to strike while the iron is hot and make the most of his good timing as an unrestricted free agent considering the disappointments he’s since being a third round pick of the Falcons in 2007. He played two years in Atlanta before being released and then was cut after two seasons in St. Louis.

But it’s also that same history that will cause the Cowboys some hesitation in going all in to keep Robinson. It was injuries that stunted his development with the Falcons and Rams.

They value what he brings to the team and chemistry he particularly has with quarterback Tony Romo.

But they don’t plan to break the bank because there is already a lot of money being given to Austin and Bryant.

You can’t pay three receivers top dollar.

Just asked the Giants, who are almost certain to lose Manningham in free agency this year.

Clarence Hill




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This is really an excellent page. thanks!

This is an easy fix. Redo Austin's deal to match his production, and give that money to Robinson.

If Austin doesn't like it, let him take his gimpy leg and lack of production somewhere else. Let him see what he's worth on the open market, where sane teams with real front office leadership will evaluate him, rather than the delusional nutjobs we have running the Cowboys.

Been doing my homework on this subject. There are TONS of FA WR's this off season. On most rankings Robinson is like around the 12 best FA available...I dont think he is going to get what he thinks...mostly cause he didnt do too much b4 he got to us so teams are leary about giving huge contracts to one year wonders...Personally I love the guy, he was an amazing pick up......so with that being said, can you image DeSean Jackson on our team...and hurting Philly in the process, Hummmmmm???? No more punt return issues either....wow..

Austin is VASTLY overrated and it was he who blew the game agains tht e Giants...LAY OUT FOR THE BALL BUM!
He also does not answer his players mail..drops the ball and always flashes
that I don't care I got paid smile.

RAYMOND RADWAY is better than everyone of them aside form Bryant.

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